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Foundation Chronicles

Updated: 12/13/2011

World Background including Histories, Timelines, Places, People and Things from the Campaign Setting

Foundation Redbook

Updated: 7/24/2011

The nuts and bolts of the Wardens Campaign - Guidelines, Overview, House Rules and Character Sheets

Wardens Chronicles

Welcome to the adventures of the Alcatraz Foundation Wardens. A role-playing game campaign resource featuring characters with super-powers or as they are commonly known as in the campaign world, paranormals.

There have been four iterations of the Alcatraz Foundation Wardens campaign. The fourth edition of the campaign is currently running with sessions on a biweekly basis.

This page serves as the "home" for all of the various online resources from the Wardens campaign. All of which can be reached by choosing a link on the right.

The UPDATED link takes you to an index for all of the Wardens Campaign Websites and also details when new information has been posted on the Wardens Campaign Websites.

The links under the WARDENS CAMPAIGNS take you to each campaign edition's home page. From there you can access the online resources from that edition of the campaign. You can read about the current characters and their adventures by clicking on the Fourth Edition link in the right hand menu bar. There are also a links to the Alcatraz Foundation website, the fictional sponsor of the Wardens, and the Warders Chronicles, a Wardens spin-off campaign.

The links under the COMPANION WEBSITES take you to the Foundation Chronicles, a site detailing some of the world background of the campaigns, and the Foundation Redbook, a site detailing the rules and ruling being used in the current campaign as well as character sheets for some of the campaign's characters.

I would like to thank all of the players that through the years have made adventuring in the world of the Foundation Chronicles and the Wardens campaigns very memorable experiences. This website would not have been possible without you. It is my pleasure to memorialize your characters and their exploits on these pages.

Your comments and suggestions on the campaign or the website are welcome, please email them to

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