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Membership Turnover - Prelude

Prelude 1

A look at the events and stories that took place between the end of the third edition of the Wardens Chronicles and the start of the fourth edition.

Prelude Entry

Game Date: 7/21/2002  - 1/1/2003
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: The Wardens

In the later part of July, the Wardens Reserves are informed that a need exists for them to take a more active role in the support of the Wardens. They are told that several members of the Wardens need some inactive time for various personal issues and their services are needed to supplement the Wardens roster. All of the reserve members agree to a move to active status.

The reserves; Gato, Leon, Ocelot, Pantera, Puma and Tigre are moved to active status on the FSS roles, while Horatio Eon and Blue Rose are moved to North Bay reserve status. The FSS is also presented with credentials identifying Impulse as a reserve member of Vanguard serving on temporary assignment with the Wardens. A press release on July 21, 2002 announces the change in the Wardens membership roster including a brief on Impulse's temporary assignment.

Mr. Gray begins working out with the Wardens in early August and starts patrolling with them a couple of weeks later. Shortly after he starts patrolling with the Wardens, he receives a new prototype battlesuit from Dr. Andrew Kensington. The energized matrix armor, advanced sensor and communication suite, integrated blaster system and mini-glider wings far exceed the capabilities of the Alcatraz Foundation security force equipment he had been using on field assignments.

A little more that five months after the attacks that leveled it, the rebuilding of the Alcatraz Headquarters is finished and its official reopening is scheduled for Labor Day.

On Labor Day, there is a short rededication ceremony at the base. The event starts with several announcements regarding the Wardens' membership roster. Shockwave is moving from associate to active status and Mr. Gray, a long time associate of Silver Star's, is joining the Wardens. Shadow Tiger, Leon and Gato are moving from active to reserve status. Dawn is no longer seeking active status and would be joining the Wardens Reserves. The final personnel announcement is that Impulse is ending his stay in San Francisco and would be returning to Canada.

After the personnel announcements, Deputy Mayor Flaherty speaks on behalf of the mayor and praises the re-opening of the headquarters as a visible reminder that criminal and terrorist plots would not stop those that fight to uphold the law. FSS Special Agent Delacruz speaks on behalf of the Federal Security Service and commends the efforts of the Wardens, past and present, in their duties to the people of the San Francisco Bay area. Silver Star thanks Deputy Mayor Flaherty and FSS Special Agent Delacruz and promises that the current group of Wardens will continue to honor the promises made by Mandrake and the original members to the people of the San Francisco Bay area. Then the ribbon is cut and the headquarters is officially reopened.

Shortly before Christmas, Silver Star and Brasidas introduce Scorpion II and Alacran to the Wardens. Scorpion II is well known to the former Wardens Reserve member as she had previously been their leader. Alacran, the Spanish word for Scorpion, is introduced as the first person to wear the Scorpion battlesuit and as previous associate of the Wardens.

Silver Star and Brasidas also announce that they would be moving from active to reserve status at the first of the year. Silver Star endorses Scorpion as his replacement as the team leader. Brasidas endorses Mr. Gray, to be the new Field Tactical Commander. Both recommendations are voted on by the other members and approved. Silver Star and Brasidas stay with the Wardens as advisors for a few weeks.

A Wardens' press release on New Year's Day, announces that Scorpion is moving from reserve status to active status and assuming the position of team leader that is being vacated by Silver Star as he is moving from active to reserve status. It also states that Alacran, a former associate of the Wardens as the original Scorpion, would be joining the team as a full time member and that Brasidas was moving from active to reserve status.

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