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Settling In - Prelude

Prelude 2

A look at the events and stories that took place between the end of the third edition of the Wardens Chronicles and the start of the fourth edition.

Prelude Entry

Game Date: 1/2/2003  - 4/30/2003
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: The Wardens

After Brasidas and Silver Star leave the group, the Wardens setup new patrol routines. Shockwave, Pantera and Puma form Patrol Team 1 and Mr. Gray, Tigre and Ocelot form Patrol Team 2. Scorpion and Alacran very rarely join on patrols but remain on call to serve as a ready backup in case of emergency.

In late January, Mr. Gray's battlesuit receives an upgrade from Horatio Eon. A set of mini-jets is added to provide short bursts of thrust to allow for more efficient use of his mini-glider wings system.

Citing personal reasons, Horatio Eon and Blue Rose move from reserve to inactive status on 01.21.2003.

There is an intruder alert at the Wardens' headquarters in late January. The intruder gains entrance to the headquarters by crashing through the roof of the VTOL hangar. The Wardens respond only to find the intruder unconscious on the floor. When it is determined the intruder is not a threat and is badly wounded, the Wardens call in Dr. Rebecca Miller. The intruder is identified as Lodestar, a former paranormal associate of the Wardens. He is taken to the infirmary and put on a life support couch. Dr. Miller arrives and examines Lodestar. She finds that he is in a coma, his life signs are weak and organ failure seems imminent. For all intents and purposes, he should already be dead. Based on her initial evaluations, Dr. Miller is not sure if Lodestar will survive or not. Dr. Miller sets the life support couch monitors to page her if there is a medical emergency and also schedules daily visits to check up on her patient.

After the Lodestar incident, the rest of January and February are very quiet on the paranormal front. The Wardens do maintain a heightened level of alert in case whoever or whatever attacked Lodestar shows up in San Francisco. Additionally, the new patrols stop several muggings, robberies and other street crimes as well as help rescue residents from a couple of house fires.

Scorpion and Alacran as well as Ocelot and Pantera make public appearances visiting several area schools to give crime prevention talks.

Mr. Gray continues to follow up on The New Way, at the request of Silver Star, but his efforts turn up the same thing that Silver Star and Brasidas previous investigations had, nothing. His gut tells him that there is something more to The New Way than their public face but he cannot find any proof.

Citing personal reasons, Dawn, Gato, Leon and Shadow Tiger move from reserve to inactive status on 03.02.2004.

In early March, the Wardens stop a group of agents from stealing a prototype battlesuit from Keller-Mann Systems in San Jose and spend the rest of the month following up on the incident. The battlesuit is being developed under a government contract for the OPO Technical Studies and Projects Unit for testing as part of the Avenger II Program. Most of the agents were armed with Grand Empire blasters and wearing Russian body armor and were supported by five agents wearing Delenev P1-B battlesuits. Damage to the facility is extensive but the prototype escapes harm and is immediately transferred to the FSS West Region headquarters at the Presidio. Investigation reveals that the agents are of various nationalities with previous military experience and no previous criminal background. They were hired through a series of blind contacts, paid an advance and picked up their equipment at an abandoned warehouse in Burlingame just prior to the mission. The agents were to drop the armor at a warehouse in San Francisco where they would receive the final payment for their services. Surveillance and investigation of the warehouses turns up no further information. The FSS and Orion are unable to tie the agents to the Grand Empire or an other known criminal group.

March finds only minimal change in Lodestar's condition. Dr. Miller is still baffled as to how he has survived this long. She contacts Dr. Kensington and he flies down to check on Lodestar. He runs several tests, the results of which offer no more explanation of why Lodestar is alive than the tests that Dr. Miller had already ran. Dr. Kensington reports his findings and suggests that she continue with her current course of treatment.

During March, Scorpion and Alacran continue to make public appearances at local schools and hospitals.

On April 1st, the Wardens with assistance from the Wardens Reserve find and raid the Kronian base of operations, which is at a summer camp located in a small valley northeast of Fairfield. Ocelot, Pantera, Puma, Tigre, and Shockwave with assistance from Brasidas and Silver Star capture twenty Kronian agents but no one ranking higher that unit leaders. The officers and the Kronian ship are not found at the base. The captured Kronians are turned over to the FSS. The agents are the last element of the Kronians that came back in time on the mission to stop Void and are fanatics. They will not talk except to verbally abuse Jaxton. The whereabouts of the officers and ship are not discovered. The agents are fitted with stabilization bands and moved to holding cells at an undisclosed facility.

A few weeks later, Jaxton is called to the FSS West Region headquarters at the Presidio by Agent Rowena Delacruz. She tells him that it is about the Kronians. Jaxton fears that further interrogation of the Kronians has revealed that the Kronian ship had been captured in the raid on their base. He tells Shockwave and Scorpion about the summons from Delacruz and they agree to accompany him to FSS headquarters. Agent Delacruz informs him that several Kronians had found a way to damage their stabilization bands and kill themselves. The Kronians have been moved back to FSS headquarters and Jaxton is needed as a translator. Jaxton agrees to help and is surprised to find that only 28 of the original 47 troopers that had been captured are still alive. He finds out from the captured Kronians that they were being held in a camp under military guard. They were subject to questioning on a daily basis but the military interpreters were not very skilled, so they could be talked in circles. Two times in the past few weeks the camp had been attacked by Void causing the deaths of some of the captured troopers. Others found a way to damage their stabilization bands and kill themselves rather that die in the next attack by Void. Jaxton asks Delacruz about the Kronian reports of attacks on the camp by Void. She says that the Kronians are lying. Jaxton says that he does not believe her and she tells him that his services are no longer needed. As Jaxton is leaving, Agent Delacruz slips him a note. The note confirms that Void had attacked the camp where the Kronians had been held and that they were moved to the FSS holding cells to guard against another attack from Void.

Jaxton, knowing that the stabilization band technology was provided by Void, realizes that the Kronians including himself and the North Bay Kronians are in trouble. Void can probably track their every move. Jaxton contacts Dr. Kensington and informs him of the Kronians predicament. Dr. Kensington promises to help Jaxton and the other Kronians.

Lodestar's condition shows minimal signs of improvement over the last few weeks. Dr. Miller believes that he will survive but is not sure of when or if he will regain consciousness.

During April, Scorpion and Alacran make an appearance at the Radley Assistance Network's April Fools Day benefit for victims of paranormal crimes. They also continue to make public appearances at local schools and hospitals.

Prelude Stories

1/8/2003  -  Story -  Jaxton's Journal: Entry 1  -  Jaxton Gray (Mr. Gray)

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