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The Only Constant is Change - Prelude

Prelude 3

A look at the events and stories that took place between the end of the third edition of the Wardens Chronicles and the start of the fourth edition.

Prelude Entry

Game Date: 5/1/2003  - 8/31/2003
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: The Wardens

During May, the team continues their standard patrols and encounters only one crime involving paranormals, a break-in at a pharmaceuticals warehouse in Oakland. The Wardens arrive just in time to see three female paranormals fleeing the scene. The follow-up investigation reveals that several cases of Ketrovan, a new pain killer, were stolen. The new drug is supposed to be as powerful as morphine without the addictive side effects. Several reports are found from around the nation about other thefts of Ketrovan but none involving paranormals. A review of the FSS database turns up no known paranormals matching the descriptions of the three females seen on security tapes from the warehouse and fleeing the scene.

Jaxton spends a lot of time at the FSS Western Region headquarters detention facility talking to the Kronians. He is asked to leave on several occasions by FSS security personnel. During one of these incidents, Agent Delacruz personally escorts him from the detention facility and tells him not to come back. When they reach the gate of the facility, Agent Delacruz slips him a note. The note says that the head security officer at the detention facility is scared that Jaxton may be trying to help the Kronians escape and has requested several times to have the Kronians moved back to the military detention camp.

Dr. Kensington calls Jaxton on Memorial Day weekend. Dr. Kensington informs Jaxton that he and Horatio Eon may have discovered the reason for the Kronians being "out of phase." The doctor explains that a check of the engines on the Kronian Chronal Cruiser found anomalies in their drive field and that they needed some fine tuning to stabilize their drive fields. Anything in the drive field of the "out of tune" engines, ended up being slightly "out of phase." It is only a minor issue with inanimate objects but is the reason that the Kronians die if they are not in an environment suit or wearing a stabilization band. Dr. Kensington goes on to explain that he has taken a couple of drive coils from the Kronian ship and fine tuned them. He now has a device that he believes will bring the Kronians "back in synch" and that he needs a volunteer to test the device. Jaxton volunteers to test the device and tells the Wardens that he is going to Vancouver to meet with Dr. Kensington.

Lodestar's condition continues to improve but progress is very slow. Dr. Miller and Dr. Kensington debate whether any additional treatment options might help in his recovery. In the end, they decide to continue the current course of treatment without alteration.

Scorpion and Alacran keep up their campaign of public appearances visiting area schools and hospitals.

During June, the team continues their patrols with Scorpion filling in for Mr. Gray. They do not encounter any paranormal criminals during the month and their primary focus is helping police stop a gang turf war in Oakland.

Jaxton spends several weeks working with Dr. Kensington on getting "back in synch." After a few setbacks and failures, they are successful and Jaxton no longer has to wear an environment suit or stabilization band. Dr. Kensington and Jaxton make arrangements to get the phase synching device to North Bay, so that the Kronians there can be brought into synch. After the North Bay Kronians have been "cured," Jaxton talks with Leif about how to approach the matter of "curing" the imprisoned Kronians. They decide to discuss the matter with Analexis Fleming, the Alcatraz Foundation's Chief Legal Counsel.

Alana Cho, FSS Western Region Director, asks for a meeting with the Wardens. At the meeting, she introduces them to FSS Special Agent Michael Pierce. Regional Director Cho explains that Special Agent Rowena Delacruz has been reassigned and that Agent Pierce will be taking her place as the Wardens FSS Liaison. After the meeting, Mr. Gray asks Whitney to try and contact Agent Delacruz. Whitney tries for several days but is unable to contact Agent Delacruz.

Lodestar continues to show slow but steady signs of improvement. His EEG readings start to display very brief periods of higher activity levels before falling back to coma levels.

Scorpion and Alacran continue to make public appearances at local schools and hospitals. They also attend two annual benefits for the Alcatraz Foundation.

July finds the Wardens' Patrol Team 1 encountering three female paranormals as they attempt to break into a San Francisco waterfront warehouse. Patrol Team 1 is taken down and the paranormals criminals escape before Patrol Team 2 can arrive on the scene. The three female are the same three that had previous broken into the pharmaceutical warehouse in Oakland back in May. The first has flame/heat abilities, the second one ice/cold abilities and the third has darkness control abilities. The follow-up investigation finds that the only thing missing from the warehouse is a shipment of several cases of Ketrovan.

Analexis Fleming files a brief with Judge Juanita Salazar regarding the imprisoned Kronians and Dr. Kensington's "cure" for their conditions. The judge says that she will review and rule on the petition within 30 days.

Citing personal reasons, Brasidas and Silver Star move from reserve to inactive status on July 21, 2005.

Lodestar's condition shows marked improvement throughout the month. His EEG readings show his brain activity stabilizing at a more normal level that when he was first observed. Dr. Miller believes that he will soon regain consciousness.

Scorpion and Alacran make several public appearances at local children's charity centers. They also attend a benefit for the S. Nolan Sloan Foundation.

August starts off with a bang as Void attacks the FSS Western Region headquarters detention facility where the Kronians are being held. The Wardens are on the scene almost immediately thanks to sensor alerts indicating Void's arrival at the facility. The quick arrival of the Wardens combined with some special defensive measures put in place by the FSS cause Void to flee the scene before any damage is done to the facility. However, the incident does not pass without casualties. Two imprisoned Kronians destroy their stabilization bands thus committing suicide rather than die as helpless prisoners.

The Wardens are not aware of the Kronians deaths until several hours after their return to their headquarters. Whitney informs them of a message from FSS Western Region headquarters with details of the Kronians deaths and signed "a friend." Jaxton is outraged by the incident and contacts Analexis Fleming. Analexis files an updated brief on the Kronians situation with an update from Dr. Kensington explaining that Void is able to use the stabilization band energy signature to track the Kronians. Judge Salazar questions the FSS about the Kronians and they are forced to reveal the death of the prisoners during the attack by Void. Judge Salazar rules that all of the imprisoned Kronians are to be given the choice of wearing the stabilization band and explained the risks inherent with wearing it, or undergoing the stabilization treatment procedure designed by Dr. Kensington. She also rules that the Kronians may discuss the matter with Jaxton or any of the other North Bay Kronians that have undergone Kensington's procedure. All of the imprisoned Kronians choose to undergo Kensington's procedure after speaking with Jaxton and the North Bay Kronians.

Lodestar regains consciousness during the first week of August. He is physically very weak and is only able to leave his bed for short periods of time. He continues to gain strength as the month progresses.

Scorpion and Alacran make several public service announcements for broadcast by Bay Area media outlets.

Two of the original members of the Wardens support staff leave their jobs with the group. Chief Computer Specialist Freddie Lawrence takes a consultant position with Courier Communications and Head of Public Relations Gwendolyn Lawrence takes a job as the Press Secretary for US Representative Mary Flaherty. Marla Harlowe is promoted to Chief Computer Specialist and Alberto Ruiz is promoted to Head of Public Relations. Harlowe's first action as Chief Computer Specialist is the replacement of the Whitney computer system, a favorite of Freddie Lawrence's but which had had functional issues since the attack on the headquarters, with the new Triad computer system.

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