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Steady on Course - Prelude

Prelude 4

A look at the events and stories that took place between the end of the third edition of the Wardens Chronicles and the start of the fourth edition.

Prelude Entry

Game Date: 9/1/2003  - 12/31/2003
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: The Wardens

September is another slow month for paranormal criminal activity in the Bay area. The Wardens continue their regular patrols and stop a number of robberies, muggings and other street crimes. There is one encounter of note, an attempted break-in at a Frisco Systems R&D facility in South San Francisco. The Wardens stop the break-in and capture ten agents wearing Armalar body armor and armed with Markov AZ-4 blasters. The follow up investigation reveals that the agents are a mercenary group and had taken a contract via a mercenary hiring website. The website, overseas-jobs.tu, serves as a meeting place for mercenaries and potential employers. It is based out of the island nation of Tupan and the services it provides are legal under Tupani law. The mercenaries do not know what they were to steal from the facility and were being guided to the target via a communication link. Frisco Systems refuses to divulge the R&D facility's projects, so the Wardens are unable to gain any insight into the target of the break-in.

Due to the increasing threat from Void, Leif and Jaxton talk to Concord Technologies about upgrading the security systems at the North Bay Estate. They also speak with Drachen Techniks and Bowden-Yamura about upgrading the body armor and weapon systems of the Alcatraz Foundation security team.

Lodestar's condition continues to improve and he moves from the infirmary to one of the residential suites at the Wardens' headquarters. He begins physical therapy and also discovers that his paranormal abilities are almost nonexistent. Dr. Miller calls Dr. Kensington. They speak about Lodestar's improved physical condition and the low level of his paranormal abilities. The doctor tells her that he will be attending a conference at Stanford in a couple of weeks and would drop by the Wardens' headquarters to run some more tests on Lodestar.

Scorpion and Alacran continue their Wardens public relations campaign by recording more public services announcements for radio and television as well as making public appearances at local schools and hospitals.

During October, the Wardens have an encounter with a team of mercenaries trying to break into the same Frisco Systems R&D facility in South San Francisco. Once again the Wardens stop the break-in and this time capture twenty agents wearing Drachen Techniks Equalizer battle shells and armed with DT-7 blaster rifles. Follow up investigation reveals that the agents are another mercenary group and were hired via the overseas-jobs.tu website. The serial numbers on their equipment match a custom order for the South African military that had been stolen during shipment two years ago. Like the previous group, the mercenaries are also unaware of what their target was and were being guided via a communication link. Frisco Systems once again refuses to elaborate on the R&D facility's projects.

Mr. Gray and Alacran speak with Special Agent Michael Pierce, the Wardens FSS liaison, about their desire to upgrade the equipment of the Alcatraz Foundation security team. Pierce says that he will present the matter to his superiors for review. Both Mr. Gray and Alacran express their concerns about the bureaucratic maneuvering and how complicated dealing with the FSS had become since it had been moved under the auspices of the Office of Paranormal Oversight. Pierce apologizes and states the new procedures are for the protection of everyone involved.

The Wardens re-establish the Wardens Reserve team and the team's first member is Kika (Sunflower), a female paranormal with flame projection and flight abilities. She is sent to North Bay to train with Thunder and Volt as well as the North Bay Estate security team.

Dr. Kensington's tests on Lodestar find that his abilities to absorb energy are not that different from the levels observed prior to his trip to Jezaba's dimension. Dr. Kensington is not sure why Lodestar's does not seem to be able to internalize the absorbed energy at a useful level like before his trip. On the other hand, Lodestar's physical condition continues to improve and he is able to start engaging in strenuous activities again. He spends a lot of time in the gym working out and pushing himself to the limit.

Scorpion and Alacran host several Halloween parties for disadvantaged youths. The parties are sponsored by the Generos Foundation Children's Charities and the Alcatraz Foundation.

November starts off with a familiar pattern, the Wardens, as they have for the third month in a row, stop a break-in at the Frisco Systems R&D facility in South San Francisco. The Wardens arrive at the facility while the perpetrators are inside and Mr. Gray is able to get a fix on the location of the guiding communication signal. He and Shockwave go to capture the broadcaster. The other Wardens move it to capture the agents only to discover that instead of mercenary agent types the opposition this time are paranormals, namely the Goblin Gang. Ocelot, Pantera, Puma and Tigre engage the Goblin Gang, who realizing that their opponents lack aerial mobility, flee the scene. Mr. Gray and Shockwave arrive at the source of the signal only to find it is a radio-repeater. Follow up investigation reveals that the repeater was hooked into the local telephone lines, so the guidance signal could have originated anywhere. Frisco Systems, realizing that whoever is behind the break-ins continues to up the ante in regards to who is doing the job, reveals that the work going at the R&D facility is for a government project. Frisco Systems also tells the Wardens that the research will be moved to a government research facility so that the R&D facility in South San Francisco would no longer be a target.

Special Agent Pierce informs the Wardens that their plans to upgrade the equipment for the Alcatraz Foundation Security team have been approved by the FSS. The Wardens ask Drachen Techniks and Bowden-Yamura to submit proposals for upgrading the Alcatraz Foundation security team's armor and weapons.

The Wardens' Reserve team adds a new member when Tian Cheng (Libra) joins the group. He is an accomplished martial artist with paranormal reflexes. Tian Cheng trains with the Wardens and also visits North Bay from time to time to train with Thunder, Volt and Kika.

Lodestar continues to workout in the gym at the Wardens' headquarters. Dr. Kensington flies down to run some more tests on him and Dr. Miller gives him a clean bill of health with no signs of any lasting impairments from his ordeal.

Scorpion and Alacran host a Thanksgiving dinner for needy families. The dinner is sponsored by the Bay Area Charities Organization and the Alcatraz Foundation.

December starts off quietly but just after the start of Christmas break there is a big bang at Berkeley. A biosciences laboratory building explodes starting several fires. The Wardens respond and help put out the fires before they can spread to the surrounding science buildings. Since it was just after the start of Christmas break there was only a professor and several students lab assistants working in the building. All are killed except for one student who luckily survives. The FSS is asked to conduct an investigation into the explosion as several of the surrounding buildings house government research projects. The follow up investigation finds that no materials of an explosive nature were in the building and there were no indications that the building's natural gas system had suffered any type of malfunction prior to the explosion. The local fire marshal office's inspectors are also at a lost to explain the cause of the explosion.

The Wardens choose Bowden-Yamura as the supplier of upgraded armor and weapon systems for the Alcatraz Foundation's security team. A contract is signed and delivery of the new equipment is scheduled for February 2004.

The Wardens' Reserve team adds a new member when Fortaleza (Fortress) joins the group. The Fortaleza battlesuit is capable of flight and has a variety of ranged weapon systems. Fortaleza spends most days at North Bay training with Thunder, Volt and Kika and occasionally trains with the Wardens and Tian Cheng in San Francisco.

Lodestar spends a lot of his time working out in the gym and also spends time watching the Wardens train together and with the new reserve team members. It is during one of these sessions that an accident occurs that returns him to the infirmary. Kika is flying through an obstacle course while blasting targets and hits one of the obstacles just as she fires a blast. The obstacle spins her around causing her blast to be unleashed in the direction of the observation platform. Lodestar is hit by the errant blast. He feels a great amount of pain and passes out. Lodestar is taken to the infirmary and Dr. Miller is called to check on him. Dr. Miller finds that Lodestar is a little singed and bruised but seems to have suffered no lasting damage from the blast.

Scorpion and Alacran host several Christmas parties for disadvantaged youths and their families.

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