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Heading for a Showdown - Prelude

Prelude 5

A look at the events and stories that took place between the end of the third edition of the Wardens Chronicles and the start of the fourth edition.

Prelude Entry

Game Date: 1/1/2004  - 4/30/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: 1 Area and Group Notes

The New Year starts off with an encounter with several paranormals at UC-Berkeley. Ocelot, Pantera, Puma and Tigre are working out with two of the reserve team members, Kika and Tian Cheng, when the alert call comes in of "werewolves" fighting on the campus at UC-Berkeley. They respond in the Pegasus. Upon arriving at the scene, they see three "werewolves" engaged in combat. As the team moves in, Tian Cheng identifies the largest of the "werewolves" as the one that the team should engage. The Cats and Kika out pace Tian Cheng and engage the largest of the "werewolves" in combat. When Kika unleashes a blast that hits their adversary, he screams out in pain then shouts sometime in Japanese and all is dark. When the unnatural darkness dissipates, their adversary and one of the other of the "werewolves" are gone. The Wardens talk with the remaining "werewolf" and after she turns into a human, suggest that she should come back to their headquarters. She agrees and returns with the Wardens to Alcatraz. They speak with the girl, Sara O'Connor, and she tells them that the combat involved her mentor, a Kami no Kitsune, and what she assumes was Ogushi, an Oni no Kitsune. After hearing the rest of her story, the Wardens offer Sara membership in the Wardens' Reserve team. This would give Sara both protection from her enemy and help in locating her missing mentor. Sara says that she needs time to think it over, the Wardens offer her a place to stay while she comes to a decision and she accepts their hospitality.

Eldon meets with Jaxton. He tells Jaxton that once some of the new reserve members are ready to move to active status that he will be moving to reserve status. Eldon goes on to explain that he isn't really cut out to be an active status member of the Wardens. He admits that it was fun at first, but being Shockwave just is not his true calling. Eldon says that he will keep his job with the foundation and provide his skills as an analyst whenever they may be needed.

Sara, joins the Wardens Reserve team as Kitsune. With the reserves now having four members and after his talk with Eldon, Mr. Gray moves all of the Reserve team to the Alcatraz headquarters and steps up their training routines.

A few weeks after being blasted by Kika, Lodestar finds that his strength has increased exponentially. Dr. Kensington runs some more tests and finds that Lodestar's ability to internalize the energy he has absorbed has also increased exponentially. A few weeks later, the doctor sends Lodestar a new set of bracers that allow him to channel the stored cosmic energy in his body into a protective field as well as several forms of energy projection. By channeling energy through the bracers, Lodestar also regains the ability to fly. Lodestar decides that he has sat around long enough and wants to get back in the action. He talks with Mr. Gray and they agree that the Wardens Reserve team will give Lodestar the chance to master his "new abilities." Lodestar decides that with his new start, a change of wardrobe as well as a change of name is in order. He joins the Wardens Reserve wearing a new uniform with a new name, Nexus.

Scorpion and Alacran begin working out with and training the Wardens Reserve. They also continue to make appearances at local schools and hospitals.

February starts off with a battle as the Wardens respond to an alert at FSS Western Region Headquarters. There they find Void attacking the detention center. Through the concerted effort of the Wardens and FSS personnel, Void is forced to flee. Damage to the facility is minimal. A follow up analysis of the attack indicates that Void did not appear to be directly assaulting the detention center but was attacking in a probing manner. The analysis concludes that Void was trying to analyze the center's defenses. The FSS puts their response support units stationed at the Western Region headquarters on heightened alert status. The FSS also reviews stationing Prime Response Unit personnel at the facility as well as enhancing the facility's defensive systems. The FSS also asks the Wardens and Wardens Reserve to include the Presidio in their patrols and Scorpion agrees to the request.

The Alcatraz Foundation security teams based at the Wardens Alcatraz Island headquarters and the North Bay Estate receive their new body armor and weapon systems. Members of the training staff from Bowden-Yamura begin familiarizing the security teams with their new equipment.

The Wardens' Reserve team membership increases to six with the addition of Boost. Mr. Gray continues to coordinate the training of the Reserve team with assistance from Scorpion and Alacran. The team is broken into support pairs consisting of Kika and Kitsune, Nexus and Tian Cheng, and Fortaleza and Boost. Each pair has an aerial and ground element.

Scorpion and Alacran, in addition to working with the Wardens Reserve, do several new public service announcements for local radio and television stations. They also continue visiting local schools and hospitals.

March is pretty quiet month for paranormal criminal activity. There is only one incident identified as involving paranormal criminals, a pharmaceutical warehouse in San Jose is broken into and several cases of Ketrovan are stolen. The culprits are the three female paranormals from the previous Bay Area Ketrovan thefts. The Wardens find out about the crime after the fact as no alarms were triggered during the break-in. Security cameras at an adjoining warehouse recorded images of the three paranormals leaving the scene.

The Wardens take advantage of the slowdown in paranormal criminal activity by adding a rotation of Reserve team pairs to their regular patrols. Scorpion and Alacran also join the regular patrol schedule. The new patrol schedule has Patrol Team 1 and Patrol Team 2 patrolling every other night and the Reserve pairs and Scorpion and Alacran patrolling with the patrol teams every fourth night.

Jaxton contacts Dr. Kensington and speaks with him about Void. They determine that a servicing of the dimensional energy sensor net in San Francisco is in order. Dr. Kensington provides the parts and instructions for servicing the sensor net. Volt with help from Fortaleza services all of the detection units in the San Francisco area.

In addition to patrolling with the Wardens, the member of the Wardens Reserve continue training on their off days. Several exercises are conducted at the North Bay Estate with the newly re-equipped Alcatraz Foundation security teams backed by Thunder and Volt acting as the adversary force.

Scorpion and Alacran host a St. Patrick's Day Charity Auction to benefit local youth charities.

April Fool's Day gets the month off to a roaring start as the Wardens and Wardens Reserve chase about town trying to stop the escapades of the paranormal criminal group, Charade. Several explosions around town that turn out to be more smoke and pyrotechnics than explosives provide a diversion to keep the Wardens busy while the criminals strike at the research facility of Holo-Gee Designs. The flying members of the Wardens Reserve led by Mr. Gray arrive at Holo-Gee Designs just as the culprits are about to make their escape. Combat ensues, the outmatched Reserve members manage to capture Buffoon and prevent the theft of a new holographic image generator, but Masquerade, Pantaloon and Phantasm escape.

Otherwise, paranormal criminal activity during the month of April is non-existent with the Wardens' enhanced patrol teams stopping a variety of street crimes and aiding firefighters with rescue efforts at a couple of major fires.

The Alcatraz Foundation security teams finish their training with their new equipment and are re-certified as operational by the FSS. In addition to the new equipment for the security teams, the sensor systems at both the Alcatraz Island headquarters and the North Bay Estate are upgraded with Protek Security Systems hardware from Concord Technologies.

The Wardens Reserve continues their training regime and participates as the aggressor force in several training exercises with the reserve support units from the FSS Western Region headquarters.

Scorpion and Alacran make an appearance at the Radley Assistance Network's April Fools Day benefit for victims of paranormal crimes. They also continue to make public appearances at local schools and hospitals.

Record Last Changed Date: 11/28/2009

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