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William Rouen

Insight into the person that is William Rouen.

Story - William's Story

Game Date: 4/28/1075

Who: Guillaume de Rouen a.k.a. William Rouen

Guillaume de Rouen was born in 1075 in Greatoak Manor in the Barony of Crossing March in western England. He was the fourth of Robert de Rouen and Margaret de Longueil's seven children, and the second of their four surviving children. Guillaume was fortunate in that the de Rouens were reasonably secure by knightly standards. Robert was in good standing amongst his peers, so Guillaume and his siblings were reasonably well regarded and treated amongst the Norman gentry in Crossing March. Guillaume was the odd man out as middle children often are, becoming somewhat isolated from his family. He did grow somewhat close to his Uncle Geoffroi, who was the Baron of Crossing March. He tried to convince his father Robert of his worth but failed to see that Robert couldn't see the worth of any man as he despised and mistrusted them all. Even so, Guillaume took after his father in fighting prowess and relentlessness toward his foe.

The de Rouens were quite the dysfunctional family mainly because of Robert's mistrust and hatred of men. The fact that only three of the four children that lived to adulthood were male didn't help. Robert didn't have a good start in perceiving his children as his first-born child was a boy. The decision to name him Tancrede after Robert's father was curious as Tancrede's behavior was the primary factor shaping Robert's hatred of men. Robert's attitude moderated somewhat when Eleanor was born. When Tancrede died at the age of three, Robert went through the normal grief of losing a child, but deep down, he didn't really miss Tancrede. Robert thought things were turning around when his second daughter Louise was born. But then Guillaume was born, and Robert had a son to despise again. His hatred became truly intense when his third son Geoffroi was born, especially when Louise died shortly after Geoffroi's birth. Robert was soothed by the birth of his youngest daughter Margaret, but she didn't live out the year. Robert's youngest child was another son named Jean, and the family pattern of interaction was set.

The way the de Rouens operated was Robert verbally, emotionally, and sometimes physically abused his sons while he spoiled Eleanor, his only surviving daughter. Margaret deeply loved all of her children, but she didn't feel strong enough to openly support her sons when Robert attacked them. Eleanor deviated from her mother's lead only in being more supportive of her younger brothers but only in private. Guillaume, Geoffroi, and Jean would attempt to defend themselves from their father. Geoffroi and Jean gradually drifted together in mutual defense while Guillaume was left to fend for himself. Guillaume found himself turning more and more to God for help, partially because he couldn't turn to his family for help and partially as a defense against Robert's perception of him as a brutal, womanizing killer. Guillaume figured that anyone who attended Mass as staunchly as he did couldn't possibly be viewed as that kind of evil person, unfortunately he failed to recognize the extent of Robert's hatred of men. Guillaume's staunch Catholicism made him the secret joy of his mother and sister, while Baron Geoffroi wasn't so secret about his admiration. The effect of all of this on Guillaume shouldn't be underestimated. He distrusts his family as his father openly dislikes him, and the rest of his immediate family only supports him behind his father's back. As a result, he is aloof and somewhat mistrustful of others, and doesn't bond well with anyone. He only truly bonded with his Uncle Geoffroi.

He learned from his father how to fight Saxons and Welshmen in the turbulent environment that was the Welsh Marches. He was not as driven as his father, but he enjoyed as much success as his father, much to Robert's irritation. He also tried to be the ideal knight as a result of his devotion to the Church. He became very proficient at tracking down and neutralizing Welshmen and Saxons, which led to his current situation. Before he left to pursue Edweard Ragnarsson and Caira Glynfydd, he had a violent argument with Sir Robert concerning his virtue. Robert accused Guillaume of womanizing, rape, and wanton killing. Guillaume became upset and vehemently denied these charges. Guillaume and Robert's argument was witnessed by everyone in the household. Margaret, Eleanor, Geoffroi, and Jean said nothing while Robert was around. Margaret said she hoped that these accusations were not true. Guillaume was first incredulous, and then furious that Margaret would even think he was guilty of these deeds when she had recently praised him for adhering to the ideal of a Christian knight. Furiously upset, Guillaume stormed out of the room trailed by Eleanor, Geoffroi, and Jean. Eleanor pleaded with Guillaume not to be so angry because no one but Robert really believed those things. Geoffroi and Jean both quickly agreed. Geoffroi said that if he continued to show his adherence to the ideal, Robert would surely notice. Jean suggested that Guillaume further demonstrate his prowess by going to Uncle Geoffroi and performing more knightly deeds in the service of the barony. Guillaume rode off to see Geoffroi, somewhat mollified but still angry. Geoffroi greeted him with news of the latest raid led by Edweard Ragnarsson with a mixed force of Saxon, Breton and Welsh warriors. They were apparently being more rapacious, destructive and cruel than normal. Guillaume spoke of the argument with his father. Geoffroi responded that some fathers had no appreciation of what their sons do, but this uncle did appreciate what his nephew had accomplished. Guillaume blessed his uncle and his kind words, then took some men-at-arms to deal with the raids.

Guillaume made contact with Edweard near the western border of Crossing March. Edweard retreated into eastern Wales to draw Sir Guillaume into his trap. Sir Guillaume offered the raiders the chance to surrender upon his arrival. The raiders predictably declined. This spurred Guillaume into action. He rode down many Welshmen and Saxons in giving vent to his fury. When he reached the caves where Edweard was to spring his trap, he dismounted and went after Edweard and the remaining Saxons and Bretons. He had outrun his men-at-arms in his anger and relentlessness. He cut down a few more Saxons and Bretons when he encountered Caira Glynfydd in her chosen cave chamber. Guillaume asked her what she was doing there. She calmly replied that she was there to dispose of him. Guillaume lowered his sword and said he doubted her ability to do that. As a Christian knight he offered her the chance to peacefully surrender and be treated with courtesy. She gracefully declined. He commented that her decision was unfortunate, but that he'd deal with her after he'd dealt with the remaining Saxons and Bretons first. Caira used her wand upon him as he readied his sword and shield and turned to go. She unknowingly transported him to San Francisco California, circa 2004, dropping him upon the heartfelt goodbyes of a pair of lovers.

Sir Guillaume has concerns of his own after being unceremoniously dumped in the twenty-first century. Between the Protestant Reformation, women's lib, the passage of 900 years and his new found sorcerous abilities, Guillaume has a lot of adjusting to do. Fortunately, he has Helena Markerson, the beloved of Christopher Hamilton, known as Brasidas of the Warders to try and help him adjust. Guillaume de Rouen has spent the last ten months adjusting to his new surroundings, becoming William Rouen in order to meld somewhat comfortably with modern American society.

William was on his way to the FSS West Region headquarters to apply for paranormal duty just as Void made his latest appearance...

Record Last Changed Date: 11/28/2009

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