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William Rouen

Insight into the person that is William Rouen.

Story - William's Mother - Margaret Longueil de Rouen

Game Date: 4/28/1075

Who: Guillaume de Rouen a.k.a. William Rouen

Margaret de Longueil was the second child born to Jean de Longueil and Eleanor Fleming in the year 1030. She was never the object of anyone's marriage proposals due to the de Longueils being a poor baronial family. Jean, the Baron of Catonceaux, died trying to better his reputation and family fortunes in the Norman Vexin, making Geoffroi a very young Baron of Catonceaux. Running Catonceaux was mostly a losing proposition, but Geoffroi's fighting ability won him a chance to accompany Duke William of Normandy on his invasion of England. When the invasion of England was successful, Geoffroi left the Barony of Catonceaux to their mother and took the Barony of Crossing March from the Earl of Arundel after William had split the lands of England among his knights. Margaret was brought over to Crossing March as Geoffroi had improved the family standing and a new start might garner her a new husband. Geoffroi's idea paid off when Margaret spotted Robert de Rouen during a banquet. She fell in love with the young, handsome, and driven Robert at first sight. Geoffroi saw an opportunity to marry his sister off, and he took it. Margaret had seen the love of her life, Robert was looking to improve his family standing, and Geoffroi could marry off his sister and improve his family standing.

Margaret adores her family. Robert returns her affection fully, having seven children with her (Tancrede, Eleanor, Louise, Guillaume, Geoffroi, Margaret, and Jean), four of whom (Eleanor, Guillaume, Geoffroi, and Jean) survive. She idolizes Geoffroi as he has done many things for her benefit as he has always defended his little sister from the world. Also, she and her brother drew closer to each other as their three younger siblings, Jean, Hubert, and Guillaume, died young. (Jean died at the age of six, when Margaret was nine, and Hubert and Guillaume passing on when she was thirteen; Hubert was seven and Guillaume was three.) She loves her children very much, though she is not secure enough to defend the boys from Robert's moods. She is close to her daughter Eleanor, somewhat contradicting the behavior of Eleanor (Margaret's mother), who treated Margaret decently, but coolly. Margaret's mother Eleanor held her children at emotional arm's length because part of her couldn't believe she married someone as misfortune prone as Jean de Longueil. The fact that Hubert wasn't Eleanor's child didn't help matters. She believed his legacy would manifest in her children, and Geoffroi's success during the Norman invasion of England did nothing to help her perception. Margaret's daughter Eleanor fully returns Margaret's affection. Margaret is also very proud of her sons for all that she doesn't show it. However, she feels closer to Geoffroi and Jean than Guillaume, maybe because they are the closest to becoming the poor noble relations that she grew up as.

Margaret tends to act and talk behind the scenes as she doesn't want to possibly show up her brother or her husband. She still feels the insecurity that stems from the emotional distance of her mother, the low esteem her father was held in, and her relative poverty in the baronial class. Her last conversation with Guillaume consisted of her hoping Robert's accusations against Guillaume were untrue, and Guillaume being furious that she didn't trust him.

Record Last Changed Date: 11/28/2009

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