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William Rouen

Insight into the person that is William Rouen.

Story - William's Uncle - Geoffroi de Longueil

Game Date: 4/28/1075

Who: Guillaume de Rouen a.k.a. William Rouen

Geoffroi de Longueil was born in Normandy in 1027 as the oldest child of John de Longueil, Baron of Catonceaux, and Eleanor Fleming. As first-born son and first-born child to Jean, he was treated warmly and considerately. Father and son became close, and worked together in trying to revive the de Longueil fortunes in the Norman Vexin. Jean originally fought under Duke Richard of Normandy, but was forced to fight under Robert of Normandy after he poisoned his older brother the Duke. However, Geoffroi was made a knight under Robert's son William after Robert died of an illness while attempting to raise a Crusade to do penance for killing his brother. There were many attempts to kill the young William as he was an illegitimate only heir to Robert. Geoffroi persuaded his father to support the young William and Jean did so with a vengeance on his beloved son's advice. Geoffroi's being knighted was followed soon after by Jean's death on a Norman Vexin battlefield. While dying, Jean made Geoffroi promise to better the family fortunes and take care of his sister Margaret. This was an easy promise for Geoffroi to make. He'd always cared for all of his siblings, even his little brother Hubert, who was born on the wrong side of the sheets, much to the irritation of Geoffroi's mother Eleanor. But Geoffroi and Margaret were the only children who survived Jean; Jean dying at age six, when Geoffroi was twelve, Hubert dying at seven and Guillaume dying at three, both dying when Geoffroi was sixteen.

Young Baron Geoffroi fought valiantly in the Norman Vexin against Duke William's enemies even carrying the fight into the French Vexin at times. However, the only category in which he seemed to better his father long term was survival. He did manage to preserve the Barony of Catonceaux, which was a feat in and of itself, and which Jean had many problems with. But Geoffroi showed repeated valor, so when Duke William went to press his claim against the Kingdom of England, he invited Geoffroi to be part of the invasion force. Geoffroi accepted, and fought with valor against the Saxon army at Hastings. After England had been split up, William offered Geoffroi the chance to be a vassal of the Earl of Arundel, Richard de BellÍsme. While Geoffroi felt uneasy about Richard, he trusted the judgment of William, so Geoffroi became the Baron of Crossing March in the Earldom of Shrewsbury on the Welsh Marches, which Richard de BellÍsme also owned. Once there, he brought Margaret to be with him, leaving Catonceaux to be run by their mother Eleanor. He married Margaret off to one of his better and more driven knights, Robert de Rouen.

Eleanor treated Geoffroi decently, but coolly. He was her first-born, after all, but she never quite forgave him for not ostracizing Hubert, and running Catonceaux was a mixed blessing at best. Eleanor died running Catonceaux, leaving Geoffroi the task of finding a regent for it The fact that she lost her younger children made her cooler toward her surviving children, even though she did feel some regard. This coolness made Margaret the shining female in Geoffroi's life. He returns her affections fully, which is why he consented so readily to Margaret marrying a driven knight twelve years her junior. She was in love, after all, and she did need marrying off...

Geoffroi was thinking of having Guillaume as his regent for Catonceaux or running Crossing March when the time was right. He always noticed that Guillaume seemed to be the odd man out of the de Rouen clan. Eleanor was Robert's favorite, being the only daughter. Geoffroi and Jean always stuck together, leaving Guillaume somewhat isolated. But he noticed that while Guillaume wasn't as driven as Robert, the boy still had some spirit and could fight. Also, he was the first-born son. Guillaume blessed his uncle before the disappearance, so Geoffroi took it somewhat hard when Guillaume disappeared. He also feels a little guilty as Guillaume disappeared doing his bidding chasing after the renegade Saxons and Bretons making trouble in Crossing March. After the disappearance, Geoffroi took a more active hand in fighting the Saxons and the Bretons on the Welsh border, providing a good example for Geoffroi and Jean de Rouen, who carried on the family penchant for fighting non-Normans.

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