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William Rouen

Insight into the person that is William Rouen.

Story - William's Adversary - Edweard Ragnarsson

Game Date: 4/28/1075

Who: Guillaume de Rouen a.k.a. William Rouen

Edweard Ragnarsson is the fourth child and younger surviving child of Ragnar Godwinsson and Brunhilda Gudrunsdattir. Born in 1050, Edweard had a difficult childhood followed by a ragged adulthood. His family lost what little they had as a result of the Norman invasion of England, which resulted in a vicious hatred of Normans in turn. After the invasion, Ragnar and Edweard ran to the Welsh border with Ragnar's only daughter to survive to adulthood, Valeria. There, Ragnar and Edweard proceed to cause as much damage to the Barony of Crossing March as they could, seeking to drive out the Norman invaders.

Valeria was the first-born child to Ragnar and Brunhilda in 1042, followed by Jytte in 1044, Thora in 1047, Edweard in 1050, and Ingrid in 1054. Brunhilda had difficult pregnancies from the time she was bearing Valeria, but Edweard was special because he was born healthy and strong, unlike Jytte and Thora, who were sickly their entire short lives. Brunhilda joked that Edweard had taken the last of her strength, but when she died birthing Ingrid, who did not survive her mother by very long, no one was laughing. As he was the only boy, Valeria, Jytte, and Thora did their level beast to spoil him, especially as Ragnar treated him coolly. Ragnar was decent to his only son, and was cool towards him to make him stronger. Because Ragnar, who was a Saxon thegn, was poor by thegn standards, he knew that Edweard was going to go through extra trials. Therefore, he gave Edweard no reason to expect softness or quarter from anyone, but he still supported his only son. Edweard's sisters also spoiled him because of his strength and health, Valeria because it matched her own, and Jytte and Thora because he had what they lacked. Jytte died in 1057, and Thora died in 1060, devastating Edweard who keenly felt the loss of two of his biggest supporters. However, Valeria did her level best to make up for that loss.

Edweard fought at Hastings with his father and when the family relocated to Crossing March after the Norman victory, Ragnar and Edweard set about making life for the Norman occupiers as difficult as possible. Ragnar died as a result of wounds received from Sir Robert de Rouen in 1081. Edweard swore vengeance upon the de Rouens and the de Longueils, thus committing himself to a future of guerilla warfare against the Normans of the Welsh Marches. He and his Saxon band were not strong enough to drive Geoffroi de Longueil from the Barony of Crossing March, but he was capable enough to cause much trouble. In 1091, he joined forces with Caira Glynfydd to attempt to drive the Normans out of Crossing March. Caira was a Welsh sorceress trying to marshal Welsh tribes against first the Saxon invaders, and then the Norman invaders. It wasn't love at first sight, but Norman pressure can cause interesting alliances, and Caira and Edweard fit the bill. Edweard saw that Caira could provide some extra bodies for disturbing the Normans. So he allied with the alluring temptress to pursue his dreams of vengeance against the hated Normans. He put aside his dislike of Celtic peoples under the well-worn principle of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Around 1096, he crossed swords with a young Norman knight in the western part of Crossing March. This young knight was a handful in combat skillfully dispatching the Bretons, Welsh, and Saxons he came up against. In personal combat against Edweard, the knight gave him some bruises and scars as mementos. Edweard first thought that he was as much trouble as Sir Robert de Rouen, with whom he had crossed swords with on a few occasions. Edweard was only slightly surprised to find out his young opponent was Sir Robert's newly knighted oldest son. Now Edweard had two objects of vengeance to focus on killing. But the pressure Sir Guillaume de Rouen was becoming intolerable. Sir Guillaume was actually achieving what Sir Robert had been unable to do: he was rooting out and liquidating Saxon and Welsh hideouts. Edweard only saw that he was losing ground to the Normans, and that Sir Guillaume was the apparent favorite of Baron Geoffroi. He didn't notice the rivalry between Guillaume and Robert de Rouen. So when Caira told Edweard that she had a plan to dispose of the young Sir Guillaume, he jumped at it. Caira and Edweard hatched a plan to lure Sir Guillaume out of Crossing March and into a trap that they set. Edweard went on a rampage of raiding and burning and retreated to some caves just outside of Crossing March Guillaume followed Edweard into the cave, where Edweard heard him cutting down any Saxon, Welshman, or Briton he could find. Edweard was drawing Sir Guillaume deeper into the cave to a place of his choosing when he heard a strange sound and saw a strange light. When he went to where the light should have been, there were only dead bodies and Caira saying, "Sir Guillaume will no longer be a problem..."

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