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Jamie Smith

Insight into the person that is Jamie Smith.

Story - Jamie's Story

Game Date: 6/10/1975

Who: Jamison Smith (Nexus)

Jamie was a boy when the first rockets took off for outer space. Ever since that day he wanted to be an astronaut. He studied hard, got good grades all designed to achieve his goal of going into space.

During his junior year in high school, Jamie realized he was different, quite by accident. He was working out late one day in the weight room. Jamie was the only one there and had a coach to spotting for him. When he was through the coach locked down the weight machine and told him to do his after workout stretches. The coach went to his office and Jamie started his stretches, there was a minor earth tremor and one of the weight sets came crashing down on Jamie. Instead of feeling pain from being crushed beneath the weight set, all Jamie felt was the pressure of being pinned to the floor by the weights. He pushed with his legs and righted the weight set. By the time the coach got back to the weight room, Jamie was sitting staring at the weight set wondering what had just happened. Over the next few weeks with a little bit of experimentation, Jamie found that he was stronger and more resistant to injury than he should be. He realized he was a paranormal. He was crushed. If he were to join the space program surely the physicals and tests would reveal that he was a paranormal. He figured if he couldn't reach the stars, at least he could study them. He decided to become an astronomer.

It was Jamie's senior year of college before anyone found out his secret. Jamie was up in the observatory late one night, when he heard an explosion and some odd noises coming from the woods a little ways off. Jamie went to investigate. There he saw the most beautiful woman in the world being chased by some oddly dressed men with strange weapons. Before Jamie could get closer, one of the men shot the woman. Quickly, Jamie jumped into battle with the men and easily defeated them thanks to his superior strength and resistance to injury.

But Jamie wasn't the only one in the woods that had witnessed the woman's plight. The explosion had also alerted the Wardens. A small team was dispatched to investigate and they had seen Jamie's use of powers. They asked Jamie to come with them, maybe even become a member of the group, but he wasn't interested in that. He just wanted his simple life. John Battle said that the Wardens could provide medical attention for the woman and it would probably be best for Jamie to come to the Wardens headquarters for the time being. Jamie reluctantly agreed to go with the Wardens and when they went to recover the woman's pursuers, they found that the men had escaped.

Jamie accompanied the Wardens back to their headquarters where he met Dr. Rebecca Miller. The doctor was able to stabilize the woman but she was left in a coma. When Dr. Miller noticed some interference with the MRI scanners when Jamie was standing near them, she asked if she could run some tests on him. At first, he declined but when she told him what she had observed, he consented to the tests. Dr. Miller discovered that Jamie was emitting a small amount of cosmic rays. She told Jamie of her findings and recommended that he see someone with a high-energy physics background to see if he posed a risk to those around him. Jamie faced a dilemma, he really didn’t want anyone at the college or the academic community as a whole to know that he was a paranormal. He asked the doctor if she could recommend someone who would be discreet. Dr. Miller said she knew just the man, one of the best in the field of high-energy physics and he also happened to be an associate of the Wardens, Dr. Andrew Kensington. The Wardens had Jamie flown up to Vancouver, British Columbia to meet with Dr. Kensington.

What Dr. Kensington found surprised Jamie. His enhanced strength and resistance to damage was the result of a build up of cosmic energy in his body. It seemed that Jamie absorbed energy from his surroundings and stored it in his body. Dr. Kensington also said that based on the current build up of energy that Jamie was probably one of the most powerful paranormals on the planet. That was the good news. The bad news was that something had recently sped up the energy reaction within Jamie. Perhaps it was the energy weapons used by the lady's pursuers or perhaps it was something else, but something had happened and if a means of regulating the energy build up was not found, Jamie would soon become a danger to all around him. Luckily, for Jamie, Dr. Kensington lived up to his billing as one of the top high-energy physicists and developed a damper suit for Jamie.

When he returned to San Francisco, Jamie agreed to join the Wardens in exchange for continued medical care for the woman. John Battle said it was too dangerous and until Jamie's energies were better regulated, the Wardens couldn’t accept him as a member. John Battle suggested that Jamie return to Vancouver and let Dr. Kensington come up with a better solution for Jamie's problem. Jamie did not want to leave, he felt drawn to the woman, but he knew that he might be a danger to her so he reluctantly returned to Vancouver.

Dr. Kensington modified Jamie's suit and made it more rugged. He also continued to work on a better means of controlling Jamie's energies. Jamie, under the name of Lodestar, started going on patrols with Vanguard, the government paranormal group in Vancouver, and would fly down to San Francisco every few days to spend time with the woman, who was still in a coma. During his visits to San Francisco, Lodestar helped out the Wardens on several occasions.

On one of Jamie's visits to San Francisco, the woman regained consciousness. Jamie learned that her name was Jezaba and that she was from another dimension. She was the ruler of her land and was loved by the people but she had been forced out of power by her uncle. She had attempted to flee from her uncle with a trusted bodyguard using her teleport ability but they had come under attack by members of her uncle's personal guard. The teleport had gone awry and the two of them along with their pursuers had ended up here. Her bodyguard had been injured in the attack protecting her as she prepared to teleport them and had died just after their arrival here. Jamie was mesmerized as he listened to Jezaba's story.

Jamie and Jezaba talked extensively and the two fell in love.

The day came when Jezaba was well enough to get out of the medical center. She had plans of going back to her world and making contact with the troops still loyal to her but how would she do it. Jamie remembered having seen papers and books on dimensional theory while staying with Dr. Kensington in Canada. Jamie and Jezaba contacted Dr. Kensington. They told him Jezaba's story and of her desire to return to her home dimension. Dr. Kensington agreed to help them.

Jamie and Jezaba spent several months working with Dr. Kensington and patrolling with Vanguard in their spare time. They finally worked out a way of using Jezaba's teleporting ability boosted by Jamie's cosmic energy generating ability to open a dimensional door way to Jezaba's home.

Jamie asked the Wardens if they would help Jezaba regain her rightful place as ruler of her people. John Battle said that it wasn't the Wardens' place to go gallivanting around in other dimensions. This is what had happened to the original Wardens, it couldn’t be allowed to happen again. Jamie felt betrayed, what good were the Wardens' if they wouldn’t help innocent people. Even if the people were from a far away land. Jamie told Jezaba that he would go with her and help return her to her place as ruler of her people.

Just before he left with Jezaba, Dr. Kensington gifted Jamie with a pair of bracers. They gave him greater control over his cosmic energies abilities without the bulkiness of the damper suit.

Years went by and no one heard from Jaime, until the day that he came crashing through the ceiling of the Wardens headquarters. He was broken and bleeding, barely breathing, barely alive.

The Wardens had a hard time imagining anyone, or anything having enough power to do this to Jamie. Mr. Gray told the others to prepare for the worst hoping that whatever it was, wasn't coming after them.

With care from Dr. Miller and Dr. Kensington, Jamie recovered from his injuries but his paranormal abilities were greatly diminished. He needed a redesigned pair of bracers to manifest some of his abilities and no longer had anywhere near the power he had before he left with Jezaba.

No one knows what happened to Jamie in that other dimension, and anyone who asks quickly learns that it is not something Jamie wants to talk about, but whatever it was changed Jamie. Gone is the innocent, simple boy, with the quick smile. Now all there is, is a deep brooding man with haunted eyes.

The Secret History of Jamison Smith

With Jamie at her side, Jezaba quickly overthrew her uncle, who fled in the face of Jamie's might, and returned to her place as the rightful ruler of her people. Jamie and Jezaba lived happily together for several years until Jezaba's uncle returned. He wanted revenge and felt if he couldn't rule then he would destroy all. While he had been away, he had followed Jezaba's lead and found aid in another dimension. He made a pact with a group of techno-priests, who were cruel and powerful men that relished the chance to unleash their twisted creations upon the unsuspecting Jamie, Jezaba and her people. Many monsters were loosed upon the land, chaos reigned and many were killed. Jamie and Jezaba's armies fought the monsters and were starting to gain the upper hand when the greatest of the monsters was loosed. It quickly swept aside the armies and slaughtered the people. The beast ravaged the land, destroying all that stood in its way. The final showdown was in the courtyard of the royal palace, Jamie stood against the beast while his beloved watched from the balcony of her throne room. The beast took the battle to Jamie, constantly pressing and attacking. One of the attacks hit the palace causing the balcony of the throne room to collapse. Jamie rushed to his fallen love's side, she died in his arms. Jamie looked at the chaos around him. The land was a shambles, the people were dead. His anger raged forth, the beast did not stand a chance. The fight was long and cost Jamie much of his power but in the end the beast was vanquished. The energies unleashed by its death ripped a hole in the fabric of the continuum. Jamie was thrown back to his home dimension by the force of the explosion. The last thing that Jamie remembered before passing out was looking down on an island in the middle of a bay.

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