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Sinjin Miles

Insight into the person that is Sinjin Miles.

Story - Sinjin's Story

Game Date: 3/8/1978

Who: St. John "Sinjin" Miles (Alacran)

Sinjin and his twin sister, Cynthia, were raised by their mother in Alamosa, Colorado. Even at a young age, the twins seemed odd to outsiders, able to know when the other was hurt or lost.

The twins learned they were paranormals at the age of sixteen.

Cynthia was on a date at high school football game when her date and his friends tried to have their way with her. She "called" out for Sinjin, he heard her cry in his mind and ran to where the boys were holding her. He was able to take care of two of them before another boy pulled a knife and stabbed Sinjin in the back. The last thing Sinjin remembered before he passed out was how warm it was getting.

The fire was thought to have been from the cans of gasoline in the storage shed the kids were fighting in, and none of the boys remembered much due to the explosion. But Sinjin and Cynthia knew they were different.

The next day, their mom told them something that she had been hiding from the twins. She said that she had been involved with an organization that was trying to produce mystic super-soldiers. She had escaped when she realized what they would do to her children and had been in hiding ever since. Now that the twins were older and their powers were starting to manifest there was only one way to protect them. She told them to pack their things and go to San Francisco. Once there, they needed to find a priest, Father Michael St. Gerain. He was an old friend and would help them. She told them that they had to leave that night. The twins argued but she insisted it was for their safety. She promised that they would meet again, someday.

That night the twins caught a bus east to Denver, they figured they could lose anyone following them in the city. Once they were sure they weren't being followed, they started hitchhiking to San Francisco. Sinjin’s growing strength proved useful, in helping secure day labor jobs to pay their way and also chasing off predators of both the four legged and two legged variety. Cynthia soon discovered that her strength was increasing as well, much to her amusement.

They made it to San Francisco and found Father Michael. After he heard their story, he agreed to help them. He gave them quarters and put them to work as helpers at the Santa Clara Mission, a mission for the homeless and runaways.

They liked the work but they felt a need to do more, to use their powers more overtly. Cynthia soon learned how to transform into her enhanced state and encouraged Sinjin to do the same. They thought about what they would call themselves when in their enhanced forms, Sinjin joking said Hellfire and Brimstone. Cynthia laughed then said sure why not.

Their first few forays as Hellfire and Brimstone were tentative, mostly patrolling around the bus stations and trains stations to keep as eye out for people trying to prey on runaways.

They ran into a group known only as 13. The group was snatching runaways for nefarious purposes, but their activities were thwarted by the new dynamic duo. While working on stopping 13, the twins met The Monitor, a mystic who appeared to them in the guise of a talking bat. He gave them info on 13 than helped lead to their capture.

A few months after stopping 13, Hellfire and Brimstone met Mandrake while working on a case. He lends a hand in helping locate some missing children. A few weeks later, Mandrake invited them to join with him and some others in forming a Radley-Gold group to help the people of the bay area. Hellfire and Brimstone agreed and were part of the founding members of the Wardens.

During one of the early exploits of the Wardens, the twins found themselves captured by the Darkling Entity. Brimstone volunteered to stay behind while the others escaped. The Darkling Entity was furiously at his loss and as payment he drained Brimstone's magical essence and leaves Sinjin for dead. Well he didn't die, his team came back and rescued him but he was left without his mystical abilities.

Sinjin still has some paranormal abilities and stayed on active status with the Wardens. He started wearing an armored battlesuit and operated under the codename, Scorpion. On a raid of a Grand Empire base he acquired some experimental cyber-whips and had them integrated into his Scorpion battlesuit.

Scorpion was a member of the Wardens up until he disappeared along with several other members of the Wardens and some of their paranormal associates during the Phantom Castle incident.

The castle took Sinjin, the Wardens and their friends on the start of a dimension hopping adventure. While away they helped save a fairie realm from a civil war, helped turn the tide of a war with genocidal goals against the tyrants trying to wipe out the paranormals of their world and helped Dameon fulfill a prophecy where he would overthrow his father bringing justice to the realm of Alcathar. Their final exploit before Sinjin returned to Earth caused the overthrow of a group that were trying to destroy the multiverse and remake it in a manner more to their liking.

Sinjin returned to Earth a battle hardened veteran but his strange dimensional touring had not come to an end, yet. His return found him confronted by a paranormal named Kuchera who presented him with a tale of android soldiers trying to destroy the survivors of an apocalyptic war in what Kuchera believed was Earth's future. Sinjin along with Cynthia, Pulse and the Wardens Reserve went with Kuchera to the "future" to save the embattled natives. They were successful in their quest and discovered that the world they had traveled to, was the world of the Kronians. They traveled to the Bay area of the "future" and through a dimensional portal to return home.

The Wardens Reserves ended up in San Francisco as they had hoped. No one knew what had happened to Sinjin, Cynthia and Pulse.

Sinjin and Cynthia remember waking up at the Wardens warehouse headquarters in San Francisco. They had been in possession of amulets that had somehow given them back their mystical abilities. Brimstone and Hellfire had faced off against the Wardens who had captured them and freed them from the amulets.

Sinjin and Cynthia took time off to recuperate and catch up with each other. Sinjin found Wendy and confessed his secret to her. They resumed dating. A few months later Sinjin proposed and Wendy accepted. They have not yet set a date.

After a couple of months of rest and relaxation, Sinjin and Cynthia returned to duty with the Wardens. Since Cynthia had been using the codename Scorpion after Sinjin's disappearance, Sinjin needed a new codename. He decided upon Alacran, the Spanish word for Scorpion.

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