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Karalyn Nicholas

Insight into the person that is Karalyn Nicholas.

Story - Karalyn's Story

Game Date: 10/22/1979

Who: Karalyn Nicholas (Amethyst)

I am Karalyn Lesleigh Nicholas and this is my story. I am recording it so that one day when I am old and gray I can write my autobiography.

I grew up with my parents in Los Angeles.

My dad is a lawyer. I know what you're thinking, a blood-sucking vampire, but that is not my dad. He is one of those lawyers that spends his time working on civil cases for those that can afford to pay and working pro-bono for those who can't. Since he spends most of his time working for the less fortunate, I had what amounted to a middle class upbringing.

Mom, well she is just as much for helping those that are less fortunate as my dad is. I guess it is because she is deaf and can relate to those she helps. She lost her hearing when she was five after a bout with meningitis. Her family wasn't well off so she became very familiar with "the system" as she grew up. She worked her way through college and earned a degree in Social Work. She met my dad while working at a legal assistance center for deaf people.

I was raised to believe that helping others is the highest calling to which one can aspire.

I really believed it, too. But I was going to help others in a different way than my mom and dad. I was going to be a paranormal and help people with my special abilities.

I was obsessed with paranormals. I learned all I could about them, the real stuff, too. Not just the stuff you read about in the comics or see on television or at the movies. I even studied a little bit about genetics, even though I hated science.

I was sure that as soon as I hit puberty I was going to discover my paranormal abilities.

Well puberty came and went and nothing happened. To say that I was disappointed would have been the understatement of my life. I even considered throwing myself off a building. No, not to kill myself. I was disappointed, not depressed. I saw it as a life threatening act that would trigger my paranormal abilities but I could never work up the courage to do it.

My life went on and I followed the course my parents had plotted out for me. I did well in school and earned a scholarship to my dad's alma mater the University of Southern California.

I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Political Science with an American Politics emphasis. I continued my education at the USC Gould School of Law where I earned my Juris Doctorate. I specialized in criminal law and also studied constitutional law. I passed the bar exam on my first try and was ready to join my father in his practice. He had even decided to rename the practice to Nicholas and Nicholas.

Then I did something I have never done in my whole life, I rebelled.

I turned my back on what my parents wanted me to do. I turned my back on helping others. I was ready to do what I wanted to do, unfortunately I had no idea what that was.

I got in my car and drove. When I stopped I was in San Francisco. I called my parents and told them where I was and that I was going to staying for a while.

I got a job waiting tables at a coffee house and started to think about what I wanted to do with my life.

After a few months I hit upon an idea. If I couldn't be a paranormal, at least I could play one of TV. I moved back to Los Angeles and started auditioning for roles. I wasn't a very good actor but after hearing about my gymnastics background, a producer suggested I go into stunt work.

So that is what I did.

I learned how to fight. I learned how to fall. I learned how to drive. I was in the biz and I actually got to play a paranormal every now and then.

My parents weren't happy with my choice of careers but they didnít hassle me too much about it. I guess they figured it was a phase and I would return to practicing law sooner or later.

Then something went wrong.

One night about six months ago, I was working on the set of a movie about the trial of Black Sheba when there was this awful explosion. The gag had gone bad. The doctors still to this day do not know how I came out the accident only mildly singed with a few bruises but I do.

It only took me a few days to figure it out, I was a paranormal. My dream had come true.

I learned that I could surround myself with a field of energy that protected me from damage. I am glad it was a purple aura as that is my favorite color. I decided to call myself Amethyst after the former FSS Project Avenger operative of the same name and color scheme.

I also started to put on muscle mass as well as growing a few of inches taller. I told my parents that I had a late growth spurt.

My boyfriend, Reagan, left me for the new-flavor of the month, one of those petite little things. I guess he didn't like looking up to a woman. I am glad he left so I didn't have to explain where I kept sneaking off to at night.

Yes, I started prowling the streets in the bad parts of town, helping those that needed my help.

I ran into the Grand Empire a couple of times, they don't like me much now.

I also had this really weird encounter. I was out and about when I ran across this paranormal combat. Several guys in what looked like Nick Gold ActionWear were fighting this guy dressed in a black bodysuit. I didn't recognize any of them, so I was unsure of who to try and help. Then the weird thing happened, the guy in black blasted one of the ActionWear types. I felt this tremendous pain like I was the one that had been hit and blacked out. When I came to one of the ActionWear types was standing over me. He said everything would be fine. Then I woke up in my apartment. I didn't know how I had gotten there. This was not good.

After thinking about it for a few days, I decided I needed to get out of town. It would be safer if I operated in a place where Karalyn wasn't known but where would I go? Then it hit me, San Francisco. Back to the city by the bay, that would work.

What the heck, I may even join the Wardens after all there is safety in numbers.

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