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Sara O Connor

Insight into the person that is Sara O Connor.

Story - Sara's Story

Game Date: 11/24/1981

Who: Sara O'Connor (Kitsune)

Sara O'Connor is the only child of Sean and Ruth O'Connor.

Sean is retired Army officer, who spent most of his career as a cryptographer and electronic intelligence specialist. Sean met Ruth while stationed at a military listening post on Hokkaido island in Japan. Sean is of a mixed and varied racial heritage that began with his great-great-grandfather. Patrick O'Connor was an Irish immigrant and found work as a sailor after coming to America. He met his wife Magali, a Creole woman, in New Orleans. After they were married they moved to California to seek their fortune during the Gold Rush. The couple soon found that gold prospecting was not for them and settled down to raise a family after buying a small ranch on the east side of San Francisco bay. Their sixth child Marta, Sean's great-grandmother, married a cowboy who worked as a hand on her parent's ranch. Unaduti was half-Cherokee, half-African American and had moved to California after serving as a scout in the Army. He took the O'Connor name when he began working at the family's ranch. Their fourth child Martin, Sean's grandfather, didn't like ranch life and left to join the Navy. He spent most of his career based in southern California, particularly San Diego, where he met his wife Susana. Their third child, Sean, is the middle child of five. He has two older sisters and two younger brothers.

Ruth, the name she chose after marrying Sean and moving to the United States, is Ainu, one of the native people of Japan. A people who through most of their history have been much maligned in their homeland and relegated to the status of second-class citizens. She is an only child. Her mother was sickly for most of Ruth's life and died when Ruth was sixteen. Her father died just before Ruth met Sean. She met Sean while working as a domestic at the housing complex where most of the soldiers who worked at the military listening post in northern Hokkaido lived. Ruth does not speak about her life before meeting Sean and refuses to acknowledge any name other than her chosen one.

Sara lifelong dream was to become a Forensic Psychologist working for the FBI as a profiler. Her mother was a bit put off by Sara's obsession with the darker side of human nature and tried to get her to change her career focus. On the other hand, her father encouraged her and her course of study. Sara primary studies were in psychology, criminal psychology, criminology and forensic science at the University of California, Berkeley. She served an internship at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia between her junior and senior year at Berkeley. Sara graduated from Berkeley with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a Master's degree in Criminal Psychology.

Sara's dream was shattered when a miscommunication caused her initial application to the FBI Academy to be declined. Sara went to Dr. Yoshisato Sakura, a visiting research professor whose program was the cause for the miscommunication that cost Sara her chance at the FBI Academy, for her help in resolving the issue. What she discovered changed her life. Sara found that she had been touched by Inari, the Rice Goddess, and was a Kitsune. Sakura revealed that she was also a Kitsune, more properly, a Kami-no-Kitsune, one of Inari servants. Sakura helped Sara awaken her abilities and warned her about Ogushi Masahiro, an Oni-no-Kitsune. Ogushi was an evil Kitsune that preyed upon other magical beings either killing or imprisoning them, so it could add their power to its own.

It was during one of their training exercises that Ogushi made his move. The Wardens received an alert of werewolves fighting on the campus of UC-Berkeley and responded. When they arrived, they found Sara and Sakura under attack with Masahiro bent on stealing their powers. The Wardens drove off Ogushi but Sakura disappeared during the fight. Sara is unsure if she escaped, was killed or captured by the Oni-no-Kitsune.

Record Last Changed Date: 11/28/2009

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