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Mark Owens

Insight into the person that is Mark Owens.

Story - Mark's Story

Game Date: 2/10/1984

Who: Mark Owens (Boost)

Mark Owens grew up on a small farm in Iowa, where his parents still live and work. The farm isn't a commercial one as his parents are agricultural researchers. Mark was a dedicated and hard working student especially in science and math. From an early age Mark was fascinated with paranormals. It was actually more of a vocation for him. Any time he could work paranormals into an assignment, he would. It was while researching an AP biology project that he first discovered the work of Dr. Rebecca Miller. After reading just one of her articles, Mark knew he would make studying paranormal biology, physiology and medicine his life's work.

Mark doubled his efforts and earned a scholarship to UC-Berkeley to study paranormal biology. While Mark's parents were not poor, there income is not unlimited. He had to work as a lab assistant and tutor to help meet expenses and have spending money.

While working as a lab assistant, Mark met Robert Fergan, a grad student working on his doctorate in organic chemistry. Robert became something of a mentor/big brother to Mark. In addition to showing Mark the ropes of the lab and the university, Robert worked hard to show Mark how to balance his activities, so that he had downtime and to kick back and relax every now and then to avoid burn out. Robert was at first, rightfully, concerned that Mark was developing a serious case of "puppy love" for him. It was a difficult situation. While Robert wasn't homophobic, he was straight, and did not have the same kind of feelings for Mark.

Luckily, Mark's affections quickly turned to his first tutoring client.

Randy McLeod was also a freshmen at UC-Berkeley. Randy was not there on scholarship and while a decent gymnast, Randy knew that he wasn't world class. He would most likely never get to the Olympics as a competitor and that was okay with Randy. He enjoyed performing gymnastics, but competing was something he could take or leave. Back in high school, Randy had discovered that he loved working with kids and to that end was pursuing Education and Physical Education degrees.

Randy had taken entry level biology class as one of his science requirements, but unfortunately it was kicking his ass. It wasn't that Randy was stupid. He wasn't. Randy just couldn't relate to his professor's style of teaching. In just a few sessions, Mark had Randy ahead in his class. Mark found the handsome young athlete to be incredibly attractive and fun, but was convinced that Randy was straight. Mark was wrong, Randy was gay but just didn't want to get involved in dating anyone while he was on the gymnastic team and taking a full course load. Randy thought that Mark was sweet and cute, but nothing happened between them, except a friendship.

Nothing that is until winter break.

Mark could not afford to go home for the holidays, so he stayed at Berkeley. He was working in the lab one night, when there was an accident in an adjoining lab. No one knows what happened. Nothing in the records for the lab, indicated that an explosion could have been remotely possible, but yet there was an explosion. Thankfully, only Mark, Dr. Johnson and his two lab assistants were in the building at the time. Unfortunately, neither Dr. Johnson nor his assistants survived the blast. The emergency response team that came to the site found Mark amongst the wreckage, unconscious and severely wounded.

By the time Mark reached the hospital all of his wounds had healed. Mark was admitted to the paranormal medical wing at UC-Berkeley hospital. He did not regain consciousness until two days later.

During those two days many things happened.

Randy returned to Berkeley in a panic thinking that Mark might not survive and was determined to give things a shot with Mark, if he did pull through.

The rest of the things that occurred left Mark a different man. He went through a number of changes, the most noticeable of which was that hiss muscle mass increased greatly. In the first twenty-four hours after the accident, Mark went from looking like a sedentary scientist to a finely chiseled athlete.

There were other changes too, but they didn't come to light until the tests started...

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