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Kimi Saito

Insight into the person that is Kimi Saito.

Story - Kimberly's Story

Game Date: 6/29/1985

Who: Kimi "Kimberly" Saito (Kika)

Kimi knew she was late so she hurried to meet her tour group at Nagoya castle, weaving her scooter in and out of the traffic.

The delivery van came out of nowhere, Kimi saw it right before being engulfed by flames. She felt the shock of the impact and remembered the look on the driver's face as he too was engulfed in flames.

When she woke up in the hospital, her father was there. Kimi ached all over but was scared to look beneath the covers and see the hideous burns that she knew covered her body.

But there were not any burns nor was even a single hair singed.

Her father told her that the driver of the van had died in the fire and everyone was amazed that Kimi had escaped relatively unscathed.

It was not fair. Why did she have to leave her home. She had not done anything wrong and her father assured her that she had not shamed her family.

Yet here she was getting ready to board a plane for San Francisco.

Her father told her that it was necessary, that after the accident a change was needed. A new start in a new land. She would live with his cousin and attend a university in America.

San Francisco was a very different place that her home in Nagoya. At first it was like a vacation but as time went by Kimberly, as she now called herself, grew homesick.

Why had her father sent her away and although he had said otherwise was he secretly shamed by what had happened? But if he was shamed she would change that, she would abide by his wishes and make him proud.

Things changed a little when she started at San Francisco State University. Her coursework kept her busy and she did not miss her home as much or maybe she just did not have the time to dwell on it as much.

Jiisan was a man of great wisdom and kindness. Kimberly knew this from the first moment that she saw him. It was like a mantle that the ancient one wore wrapped around his shoulders.

She listened to his words and felt at peace for the first time since she had arrived in San Francisco.

Over the next few weeks, Jiisan showed her how to tap the power that she possessed and to manifest her abilities in a controlled manner.

Then he told Kimberly not to fear her power or the path that fate had found for her. She had been given a gift and that gift could be used to help those in need. Fate had brought her to San Francisco became the Wardens could help her learn to use her abilities to fulfill her destiny.

The next day, Kika went to Alcatraz to join the Wardens.

Kika did not like pretending to be something she was not around the Wardens, but she knew that it had to be that way, for now. If they knew what had happened to the van driver, they would not have her as a member. She would prove herself to them and then they would accept her. Until then she would wear her mask and play her role, the Japanese-American college student.

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