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Johan Doyle

Insight into the person that is Johan Doyle.

Story - Johan's Story

Game Date: 4/20/1985

Who: Johan Doyle (Prime)

Johan Doyle was an unusually bright college student working as an unpaid lab assistant to the illustrious Professor Alistair Herbert. Herbert had once been a rising star in evolution theory before he published his book, Prime Effect: An Alternative Theory of Evolution. Herbert claimed that from time to time in earth's history, under unusual conditions, the exposure to cosmic energies would cause all the cells of a single or small group of fully-grown adults to spontaneously 'evolve' thousands or even millions of years beyond that of its compatriots. That it was these 'spontaneous' evolutions rather than the slow steady process of natural selection and minor mutation that was responsible for many of mankind's evolutionary leaps forward past the other primates. Herbert was even able to construct a machine that was designed to mimic the necessary cosmic radiation exposure event. The one thing Herbert lacked to prove his theory was a source of cosmic radiation to power his machine.

While Herbert was on sabbatical, actually a trip to South America in search a cosmic radiation power source, Johan carefully took care of the good professor's lab and tracked the results of his experiments. As such, he was there when a small package festooned with radiation hazard warnings was delivered by what appeared to be an ordinary UPS delivery man. Being rather na´ve, it didn't occur to Johan that UPS doesn't deliver high-risk radioactive materials. Instead, Johan simply tore open the wrappings to reveal a lead-box. He opened the box and found a softly glowing crystal that his tests showed was radiating a low level of cosmic radiation. At last the professor's theory would be proven!

But, being the impatient sort and with the professor out of communication range, Doyle couldn't wait to try out the Herbert Device on a bit of plant-life. What Doyle didn't realize was Professor Herbert had removed a section of the machine's protective shielding to make some minor adjustments, then failed to properly secure it back into place with the distractions of his impending trip. As a result, Doyle was bathed by the same energies infusing the plant life.

In mere minutes, Doyle found his body twisting and turning on itself as it hurled forward on the evolutionary ladder. Just when he feared his body would be torn apart, he evolved into a being capable of safely absorbing, storing and redirecting the cosmic energies bathing his body. Unfortunately, that being happened to look like a rather wrinkly and bright orange furred monkey with big ears. An evolutionary stage he would now be trapped in forever more due to its unique ability.

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