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Randy McLeod

Insight into the person that is Randy McLeod.

Story - Randy's Story

Game Date: 5/12/1985

Who: Randy McLeod



Per your instructions, I have made contact with the senior Mr. McLeod as a means of initiating contact with the younger McLeod and through him our subject of interest. It has proven quite easy to get into the confidence of the senior McLeod. He is quite gregarious, and his pride in his son makes the son one of his favorite topics of conversation. He has not met our true target, yet, but seems quite pleased with how happy his son is in the relationship. Future progress of the plan looks like it shall be beneficial to your future goals.

Dr. A. Martin



I have finally met Randal. He is a pleasant enough young man. Apparently, there is strain in his relationship with Mark. Randal is a competitive athlete and accusations of him receiving an unfair advantage have started circulating. Mark seems to be taking this badly. I believe that Randal perceives me as some one that he might be able to confide in. I will continue to build on this foundation.

Dr. A. Martin



The strain seems to have grown into a full-fledged conflict in their relationship. Randal is convinced that there is more to the issue than just what Mark has said so far. Randal thinks that Mark is trying to protect him. I offered my services as a couple's counselor. Randal did not accept the offer immediately, but did say he would consider it.

Dr. A. Martin



I'm afraid that we have delay in any further progress for our plan. Mark has decided to go on a "journey of self-discovery." Randal is convinced that this decision means that Mark is no longer interested in continuing the relationship. I shall continue maintain contact with the McLeod in case Randal is incorrect and Mark returns and renews the relationship.

Dr. A. Martin



Per your suggestion, I have been building the idea that if Randal were on a more equal footing with Mark that most of Mark's problems would be mitigated.

Randal has been quite open to the idea, and gotten more so as Mark's absent has progressed. Apparently, Mark's contact with his friends and family has stopped abruptly. Randal has gotten extremely concerned, and has convinced himself that Mark is in trouble. I am building up the image of Randal coming to Mark's rescue.

Dr. A. Martin



We have completed the process that you prescribed. Initial tests have indicated the presence of some sort of energy field as your notes indicated. There has also been a dramatic increase in reflexes and agility.

All relevant test data is attached in raw form. We have started training him in skills that he will find useful in searching and rescuing Mark. That such skills would also prove useful to us in other ways probably has not occurred to him. We have also started the chemical regime to delay the cellular decay.

Dr. A. Martin



Randal has managed to gain sufficient control of his energy field to use it in a protective manner around himself. The field seems to be able to significantly reduce kinetic energy trauma. We have started working to adapt existing technology for harnessing personal energy fields for our goals for Randal. Test data attached.

Dr. A. Martin



We have successfully developed a device that allows Randal to utilize his "kinetic" field to fly. We have started to create additional training to make use the most use of his flight. Since his body is not adapted to high altitudes we are developing a "flight" suit for his use. Test data attached.

Dr. A. Martin



Randal has shown amazing progress in his flight. He is capable of achieving extreme levels of super-sonic flight, potentially escape velocity levels. The stamina of his energy field is quite low. He can only maintain peak performance levels for less than a minute, but the energy field has been increasing over time. Test data attached.

Dr. A. Martin



Randal's training has reached the point where he is ready for fieldwork. He is returning to San Francisco to see if the Wardens will assist with the search and rescue that Randal is now convinced that Mark will need. I've also convinced him that the Wardens will be able to help him expand his training.

Dr. A. Martin

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