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Connor Smith

Insight into the person that is Connor Smith.

Story - Connor's Story

Game Date: 3/6/1984
Location: New York City, New York

Who: Contego

Connor Smith was never normal. Maybe it was his ancestry or maybe it was chance, but normal was not a word that fit him.

Connor learned to read when he was barely out of diapers and liked to spend time with his mother, Amelie, in his grandfather's lab while she took notes on the Doctor's research. Every now and then, Connor would talk with his grandfather, Dr. Martin Blanchenault, about his work. Amelie would listen to their conversations and sometimes swore that her son understood her father's work better than any of his research assistants did, but that was impossible. Her father was working on his theories on pulse field applications and her son was little more than a babe.

Connor was sick at home the day that he lost his grandfather and mother in the lab accident.

A few days after their funeral, Connor presented his father, James, with the schematics and engineering specifications for a pulse field generator. James, the owner of Marteau-Smith Technologies, a leading manufacturer of pulse field blaster weaponry, looked over the drawing and thought it quant that his eight-year-old son was trying to replace his grandfather as the company's chief of research and development. He hung the schematics on his office wall as any proud parent displaying his child's artwork would.

James was surprised when one of Dr. Blanchenault's assistants, Gillianne, commented that she had not seen the Doctor's latest design while looking at Connor's schematics. James told her that it was not Blanchenault's work but just a drawing that Connor had did. Gillianne took the schematics down and started looking over both it and the specifications written on the back. An hour later, she pronounced the schematics as a working design and not just a child's drawing.

The next day James and Gillianne met with Connor. Six months later, Marteau-Smith Technologies came out with several new applications of pulse field technology. The pulse ram blaster was a breakthrough it that it took pulse blasters from producing small bursts of concussive force to small area fields of concussive force. Instead of just putting a hole in a door like a standard pulse blaster, the pulse ram blaster could takeout the whole door.

For the next seven years, Connor continued designing new pulse field technologies so that his father would be proud of him.

Connor graduated high school at sixteen and considered what he wanted to do with his life. Should he go to college or should he just continue working with his father at Marteau-Smith. He was leaning towards working at Marteau-Smith and decided to look at the products that the company had been releasing to see where to go next. He was not happy with what he found. All of his designs were being used for weapons but there were also humanitarian applications for pulse field technologies. Why had his father's company not developed those?

Connor met with his father to talk to him about Marteau-Smith Technologies only releasing weapons. He became disgusted when James started talking about cost-to-profit ratios and walked out. Marteau-Smith Technologies has not released any new pulse field technology since that day.

Connor enrolled at Stanford. His studies were paid for by scholarships as he refused to take what he considered "dirty money" from his father. Connor earned his first two degrees, a BS in Physics and a BS in Electrical Engineering in only two years.

The summer after completing those degrees, Connor and his friend, Ari, vacationed in the mountains. They spent their days hiking, rock climbing and riding ATVs. While riding one day, they were caught in a landslide. Connor was upended and his right arm wound up pinned under some boulders and his ATV. Gas was leaking from his ATV and was slowly flowing toward Ari's ATV which had caught fire after Ari had been thrown off. Connor was unconscious and after Ari woke him was in no condition to make decisions. Luckily, his friend had just finished pre-med studies and made a split-second decision on how to rescue Connor. Ari used a cell phone to call for help then took a knife and cut off Connorís mangled forearm. Ari stopped the bleeding with a tourniquet and the rescuers were able to get to them in time to save Connor.

After the accident, Connor took a year off school to design and built a cybernetic prosthetic to replace his lost lower arm and hand. Using the latest research available, he was able to link the prosthetic to the nerves in his arm. Connor gave the rights to his design to a trust administered by Stanford University for funding research and scholarships for the development of similar prosthetic technology. He figured it was the first step in paying back the public for all of weapons that had been developed from his work for Marteau-Smith.

Connor returned to Stanford and over the next two years earned five more degrees. He earned two MSs in Particle Physics and Applied Electrical Engineering as well as three PhDs in Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Applied Technical Engineering.

His last year of grad school, Connor turned twenty-one and inherited a trust fund that his grandfather had left him. After he finished school, Connor took the money and started work on a pulse field wall generator. The device would generate an 'energy wall' that could be used to reinforce structures that had been damaged in an earthquake or other disaster allowing emergency personnel extra time to rescue survivors. He licensed rights to the device to several companies and is now living on the license fees and royalties

As he worked on the project, Connor felt compelled to do more to help others. Inspired by the Wardens, he decided to do more than just sit on the sidelines and invent things. He wanted to take an active role in helping others, to shield them from danger... natural and unnatural, mundane and paranormal.

Connor modified his 'cyberarm' to project a 'taser blast' that could incapacitate but not kill. He constructed a miniaturized grappling hook mechanism that could be attached to his 'cyberarm' that would allow him to wench himself up to inaccessible areas as well as swing across chasms and other open areas. Using his grandfather's pulse field theories, he developed a pulse field shield that would protect him while in dangerous situations. He also developed a gauntlet that would project 'pulse blasts' and 'pulse force walls'. He has also installed an experimental pulse field technology in the gauntlet that can channel all manner of light, sound and radio waves. He can use this to render himself 'invisible' to those mediums or overload a target's senses. His final development was a high-density battery system to power his systems that recharges through kinetic energy interactions caused by Connor movements.

Connor chose a name to represent the ideal behind developing his equipment, Contego, the Latin word for shield. Connor has spent the last six months working out as Contego and even stopped a few crimes. He is now ready for the next step, he wants to join the Wardens.

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