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Prelude 2

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 2.

Story - Jaxton's Journal: Entry 1

Game Date: 1/8/2003
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Jaxton Gray (Mr. Gray)

Things are different now that Silver Star and Brasidas have gone. The place just isn't quite the same. The only ones that live on the base are "The Cats" and me. Shockwave, Scorpion and Alacran stay in town.

The best place to start is with a baseline. That is what Dy-Sahn, my first unit leader, always said to do when you enter a new garrison. See where you are and take note of those around you.

The where part is easy, I am at the Alcatraz Headquarters of the Wardens. Well that is the short description, I will probably elaborate some in a future entry.

The who part is the purpose of this entry and I guess I should start with myself.

The new battlesuit is a great piece of engineering and allows me to handle my job as field tactical leader quite well. The real question is what's inside the suit.

I grew up fighting to survive, that was the way it was in Kronian society. The wilds of the time from which we came made our day to day existence a battle. Luckily, I was one of the ones chosen to be a warrior. The only reason I say that it was lucky is that I ended up in this time, a better time. The lot of a warrior is the worst lot of all in Kronian society because everyday truly is a battle, yes I was lucky to be chosen for this mission and even luckier still to have been rescued from the yoke of my taskmasters by the Wardens.

Enough about the old ways, now I fight for another reason, I fight for a cause. It is different. Fighting to survive is a test of the mind, fighting for a cause is a test of the heart. Will the cause be enough to keep me fighting? Only time will tell.

Enough about me, time to look at the team.

First there is Scorpion, she is supposed to be the team leader. She makes a good public figurehead but there is something missing, she just isn't all there sometimes. It is a good thing that she recognizes her shortcomings and stays out of the field for the most part. Let her keep making the public appearances and making nice with the press, it's safer that way.

Now Alacran, her brother, he is a different story. He should be the leader, but Alacran is a new kid on the block. Well sort of, the public knows that he was the first Scorpion. That means he has experience with the Wardens, but he was gone for so long no one thinks as much of him as they do the second Scorpion. He helps out when we need him, but for the most part he stays out of the field, just like his sister.

Shockwave is another false front. We all know that he is the second person to wear the battlesuit, but the FSS and the public does not. I am not really sure about him on another level, too. He has spent a lot of time behind a desk, not in the field. I am not saying he can't hold his own, when the chips are down he can put that suit through its paces. What I'm saying is his head is in the right place, but I don't know if he heart is in it. I have said it before and will say it again, fighting for a cause is a test of the heart.

That brings me to "The Cats;" Ocelot, Pantera, Puma and Tigre. I really wish I could think of them as individuals but I can't. They may look different but their personalities were all stamped from the same mold. They remind me of the rank and file Kronian warriors, point them in the right direction, say go and they will do their best to get it done. I know they are clones and from a nature versus nurture argument, I would say score one for nature. That would be if they hadn't all been nurtured in the same way after they were rescued by the Wardens. I don't know if what John Battle did to them was right or not, it is not my place to say.

Well that's my baseline, we'll see where in goes from here.

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