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Prelude 3

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 3.

Story - Jaxton's Journal: Entry 14

Game Date: 5/23/2003

Who: Jaxton Gray (Mr. Gray)

I have made a deal with darkness. I have traded ease of life for a very real threat of death, for myself and my friends.

The technology that allows us to escape our environment suits is one of Void's making and it allows him to track and hunt us down. He will stop at nothing to kill the ones sent on the mission. I guess it is his way of ensuring that we cannot stop his plans to change his and our future.

But now I know the threat and can prepare.

Dr. Kensington cannot find any tracking device within the stabilization bands, he thinks it is there unique energy wave form that Void can track. He demonstrated this by showing me the energy signature produced by a stabilization band when it is active. He is also talking to Horatio Eon, perhaps the two of them can come up with a solution to our dilemma.

But for now, I have to live or die with my choice. Knowing that my life, as well as those of my friends and former comrades in arms, is in my hands. For it was I that made the choice to use the stabilization bands and it is I that choose not to tell them the risk of what they wear.

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