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Prelude 4

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 4.

Story - Jaxton's Journal: Entry 32

Game Date: 9/6/2003

Who: Jaxton Gray (Mr. Gray)

Last Monday was the first anniversary of the reopening of the headquarters. It passed without any real fanfare, just a couple of newspaper articles. No parties. No celebrations. Just another day.

On a personal note, it has been a rough few months, but the two doctors have finally agreed that I am okay.

I am a little worse for wear after the ordeal. Dr. Kensington's synching process wasn't working quite right the first few times we tried it. Dr. Miller says the stress to my system has had the effect of aging me about twenty years. So although I am only 28, my body thinks it is 48. Good thing my hair is already white, so I don't have to touch up any gray.

Luckily, the others fared much better than I did. By the time the "cure" was used on them, it had been perfected. Dr. Miller gives them all, including the prisoners, a clean bill of health.

Was it worth it? You might as well ask, what price freedom? I would say yes, it was worth it, even at a price of twenty years.

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