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Prelude 4 & 5 - Stories

Prelude 4 & 5

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 4 & 5.

Story - Fateful Decisions

Game Date: 11/26/2003  -  1/5/2004

Who: Sara O'Connor

UC-Berkeley's Paranormal Studies Department asked several well known criminologists, detectives and criminal profilers to submit to some basic testing and observations of their problem solving abilities. The goal of the research was to determine if these experts, the best in their fields, were using some type of low level paranormal abilities to help solve their crimes.

The tests were conducted by Dr. Helene Barrett, two of her research assistants Dolph Milofsky and Irma Wendell, and a visiting Japanese professor, Dr. Yoshisato Sakura.

All total there were twelve individuals who agreed to be tested. The tests ranged from simple problem solving up to complex multi-level scenarios. The initial tests provided many evidentiary details with which to solve the problem. The later tests provided fewer and fewer pieces of evidentiary information in an attempt to push the test subjects towards intuitive solutions. The test subjects were isolated in individual apartments with no outside contact for the entirety of the six week testing period.

The test results were inconclusive. There was no evidence to indicate that the participants had low level paranormal abilities but there was also no evidence to exclude the possibility that they did.

The test subjects were interviewed three months after the tests as a follow up to the research project. It was found that the tests did have some interesting repercussions for some of the test subjects. Three test subjects upon returning to their jobs reported having new insights into previous cases that they had previously not been able to solve. Two others reported finding their jobs so stressful that they had to take a leave of absence shortly after returning to work; one was now back on the job, the other had not returned to work and was considering retirement. Another test subject was found to be in a psychiatric facility after suffering a nervous breakdown while working a case. The remaining six test subjects reported none of the issues reported by the others, positive or negative. A check of test results found no correlation between test scores and the issues reported by the test subjects in the follow up investigation.

Dr. Barrett and Dr. Yoshisato decided to run the tests again with a group of students to compare the results with those of the initial test group. Dr. Yoshisato spoke with Sara O'Connor about being a test subject. Sara was intrigued. However after reading the disclosure report on the previous test subjects, Sara decided to ask Dr. Emile Unger, one of her FBI advisors from her internship the previous summer, about participating in the test program. Dr. Unger said that he would get back to her with his recommendation. A few days later while going through the phone messages taken by her roommate, Sara found one from Dr. Unger saying "go on the test." Sara called Dr. Yoshisato and volunteered to be part of the second test group.

Sara completed the six week testing program and found that her scores would have placed her in the middle range of scores from the first test group. She did report one issue to Dr. Yoshisato. Sara told the doctor that she had been having strange dreams during the last two weeks of the tests. When the doctor asked what she meant by "strange," Sara indicated light and darkness, good versus evil, fate of the world type dreams. Dr. Yoshisato said the dreams were probably stress related, her subconscious trying to deal with the tests. The doctor asked Sara to check back with her in a few weeks if the dreams continued.

The following Monday, Sara called Dr. Unger to finalize her admission paperwork to attend the FBI Academy. Dr. Unger indicated that he had tried to reach Sara several weeks ago to complete the paperwork and was surprised to find out that she had gone against his advice choosing to participate in the test program. Sara explained about the message that she had received indicating that the test was a go. Dr. Unger says that he had told her roommate "no go on the test." Dr. Unger told Sara that her application was being reviewed and that her participating in the test "against orders" was the reason for the review. Dr. Unger told Sara that he would be in touch with her once the review was completed.

When her roommate returned from her holiday break, Sara asked her about the message from Dr. Unger. Her roommate tells her that the doctor said the test was a no go. They searched for the note and found that it has been torn, the "no" was missing. Sara's roommate remembered that Tony Ginetti was returning some of Sara's books when the doctor had called. Sara was furious and went looking for Tony, only to find that he has already moved out of his dorm.

Dr. Unger called a few days later and advised that her admission to the FBI Academy has been declined. Sara explained her suspicions about the note being tampered with but Dr. Unger said the review board's decision was final. He told Sara that she could appeal the decision but would not be part of the next training class.

Sara was shattered. Her dreams were gone. Then she had an idea, but she needed to talk to Dr. Yoshisato first so she headed over to the doctor's apartment. What she found there changed Sara's life forever.

Record Last Changed Date: 11/28/2009

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