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Prelude 5 - Stories

Prelude 5

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 5.

Story - Crashing an Intimate Gathering

Game Date: 1/10/2004

Who: Guillaume de Rouen

Chris and Helena were holding each other tightly on her balcony. Chris had just told Helena that he was going to traveling a lot more and home a lot less. He'd already told her why. It was the real reason why. Helena did well upon hearing the truth. She merely turned pale and started crying. She didn't scream, she didn't yell, she didn't throw things. She didn't get hysterical. She didn't turn on her heel and walk away or throw Chris out. She did tell him to take care of himself. And she wished him good luck. She felt hard grumpy eyes upon her. She told Chris to return with his shield and not on it. She felt hard grumpy eyes glaring at her.

"He doesn't like your stance," said Chris. "The way it goes is, 'Come back with your shield, or on it.'"

"I know how the saying goes," said Helena. "I don't care. I want you back."

She doesn't get that you must be brave, said Brasidas.

With all due respect, cool it, oh Grumpy One, thought Chris. You'll have enough of me soon enough.

Watch your mouth, runt, said Brasidas. You'll need all the help I can give you.

"He's speaking to you again," said Helena. "You'd better be defending me."

"I am... after a fashion."

"You better be doing better than 'after a fashion'," said Helena.

Duck, said Brasidas.

What? thought Chris.

Grab Helena and duck, runt, said Brasidas.

Chris ran over and grabbed Helena, instinctively picking a direction to shield her from. There was a brief flash of light, then a body slammed into Chris. I hate the feel of chain mail, Chris thought. Then he had a double-think. Chain mail?

He spun around to face the body, and found two very unpleasant truths. First, the body was already up and in fighting stance. Second, it had a long sword. Chris was amazed that he could coolly discern that it was a Norman long sword. He then realized that he was dealing with a real live Norman knight.

"Peace, young sir," said the knight. "I mean you and your lady no harm." He started to look around the room, shielding Chris and Helena from an unknown danger.

"There's nobody here but us," said Helena. "And we don't know how you got here."

"One must take caution," said the knight. There are evil Saxons and renegade Bretons about. I mustn't let you get hurt."

"There's just us," said Chris. "My name is Chris. This is Helena."

The knight came out of his fighting crouch slowly. "I was beset by evil men. There were ten of them and I had fought my way through them then that Welsh witch waved a wand," he said, absent-mindedly scratching his helmet with his sword hilt.

"Where am I?"

"Welcome to San Francisco." said Helena. "And if you find someone waving a wand, please throw them out of my apartment, Sir..."

"I'm deeply sorry. I've forgotten my manners. I am Sir Guillaume de Rouen."

"I am Helena Markerson. This is my true love, Christopher Hamilton."

Helena put her arms around Chris's neck.

Nice sentiment, said Brasidas. We can get her to say and feel the right sentiments yet.

Not likely, thought Chris. Did I ever mention she was partial to Athens?

Everyone felt a fierce scowl.

"First I was glared at, now I feel a scowl," said Helena. "I'm feeling rather unpopular lately."

"I feel a malevolent presence, too, milady," said Sir Guillaume.

"Not malevolent. Just grouchy," said Chris.

Helena and Sir Guillaume looked at Chris like he'd lost his mind.

"Trust me on this one," said Chris. "Really," he said, looking at Helena. "You just have to trust me on this."

Helena shrugged at Sir Guillaume before nodding her head at Chris. "I love him anyway."

"I know the feeling," said Sir Guillaume. "So, how are things in fair, sunny Spain?"

"We're in California," said Chris and Helena in unison.

"What is a California?" asked Sir Guillaume, scratching his helmet like he'd forgotten he had it on.

Here we go, said Brasidas. Let's hope you do better than you did explaining Christmas to Eve.

Will I never live that down? thought Chris. Besides, this isn't an accelerated clone experiment with no grounding in the real world.

Chris saw Brasidas leaning against the door, smiling. It was like summer sunshine shining through a three week overcast. Don't be so sure, runt. Wait until you tell him he doesn't have to light the chandelier.

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