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Prelude 5 - Stories

Prelude 5

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 5.

Story - Working Things Out

Game Date: 1/15/2004

Who: Guillaume de Rouen, a.k.a. William Rouen

Guillaume was sitting in the living room with Chris and Helena. He seemed to be adjusting to his new clothes. On this day he was wearing a button-down Pierre Cardin cotton shirt over some reasonably stylish Polo jeans. He was wiggling his new Nike high tops. He seemed amused.

"I like this new... how do you say... kicks," said Guillaume and this amazing footwear will last for two or three years. Two or three years!" Guillaume exclaimed. "Do you know how many pairs of shoes I went through in three years in Crossing March? Do you?" He grinned widely. "Go ahead! I beseech thee to guess!"

"I don't know," said Helena. "About thirty," guessed Chris.

"Thirty-five!" exclaimed Guillaume. "Thirty-five pairs of shoes! And one pair cost more than a peasant's yearly earnings. But now," Guillaume raised his finger. "The so-called 'Common Man' may buy a pair of shoes to last two or three years for a week's worth of meals. Amazing!" Guillaume looked smug. "You Americans have really outdone yourselves."

"We need you to interact with the world so you can fit in," said Chris. "You look like you are the independent type, but we need to work on your assimilation skills so you don't look foolish."

"Quite right," said Guillaume.

"So we need to Americanize your name," said Helena. "Shall we call you William, or Bill? I think Bill or even Billy would sound more personable."

"I am William. Bill is too...chummy." Guillaume looked a little haughty.

"Easy there, William," said Chris. "It's just a name."

"It's my name." Guillaume drew himself up proudly. "William is more dignified, as am I."

"I can see you'll be popular in icebreakers," quipped Helena.

"Enough," said Chris. "He's having a hard enough time as it is." He looked at Guillaume. "When you say and write your name, it will be William Rouen. This way, it isn't changing much."

"I thank you," said Guillaume. "I do need some... how do you say... continuity. William Rouen it is."

"And remember, don't insist upon Sir," said Helena.

"Why not? What is the reason for this?" William's face darkened.

"The Constitution forbids any American to have a title. Sir is a title, and if you're going to blend in, you have to get used to not being called that." Chris looked firmly at William. "It's one of those unfortunate adjustments you have to make."

"So nobility is banned?" asked William. "How do people live? How does society exist?"

"We do okay," said Helena. "Exactly how is a discussion for another day."

"Very well," said William. "And now we eat! I'm hungry. All this adjusting saps the energy. I suggest Burger King. If I can't be noble, I'll eat nobly."

"Burger King is a humongous fast food chain," said Helena. "It almost doesn't get any more common than that."

"Allow me my illusions, my dear," said William. "Besides, I've already had McDonald's. It's time for something different."

"I'm ready for a Double Whopper with cheese," said Chris.

"It sounds, how do you say... yummy," said William.

The three walked out the door to Burger King. Helena began to mentally list health food stores.

Record Last Changed Date: 11/28/2009

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