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Prelude 5 - Stories

Prelude 5

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 5.

Story - The Setup

Game Date: 2/20/2004

Who: William Rouen

Helena was thinking about her friends, specifically, Josephine Marais, Kevin Roberts, and Bridget Donnelly, a.k.a. Joey, Kevin, and Bridie. She was succumbing to that oh-so-special x-chromosome feature/habit: matchmaking. Why not? She had three single friends, and one single hunk living in her apartment, looking for a place to live. Okay, he was way out of place, but he was adjusting, right? He was good looking, he had respect for women, he liked women, why shouldn't one of her friends get the benefit? They just had to get over the fact that deep down, he wasn't just old-fashioned, he was ancient-fashioned. But they didn't have to know that, right? The fact that they might figure that out on their own never occurred to her in her newfound quest to hook up one of her friends.

She plotted how to get them all together. She thought that he was acclimated enough to prevent himself from making an idiot of himself in a coffee shop. She needed to find out whether caffeine made him jumpy. He'd eaten a lot of fast food and junk food, but never any real amounts of caffeine. He'd always gotten water at home. She'd have to ask him about that. She was amazed that he'd never really had a coke or anything. He did seem to like apple juice, though. It figured with all his talk about Calvados. He was even searching for a Calvados shop. Well, coffee shops sold apple juice, too. She couldn't wait to see what her friends would think and which one might try to scoop him up. She couldn't see them fighting over him. She tried not to speculate who would be the one. She tried not to think about him turning them all down, or even them turning him down. Think positive, she thought. The winner's getting a real live knight, and it'll be one of my friends.

William showed up at the apartment in a green sweatshirt over a green and white thin striped button down cotton shirt and khakis. He showed up in wingtips, thought Helena. This is his idea of casual footwear. It could've been much worse, she thought. William wore his red hair unbound and long. He looked slightly uncomfortable.

"It's a gathering, not a date," said Helena. "You can relax. They're my friends."

"The last time a woman said that, my brothers were pulling ribbons from my hair and my sister's friends were laughing for months. Winning personal combats almost didn't erase the sting."

"No hairdressers here," said Helena. "It's a friendly gathering."

"I know when I'm getting, as you say, shopped," said William. "Some things change little over 900 and odd years."

"Would I do that?" innocently asked Helena.

"The last time I heard that, my mother tried to arrange a 'meeting' with one of the other gentry girls. I recall wishing I was riding, so I could escape the girl and my father's dirty stares."

"Your father's not here, and I believe you are an honorable gentleman," said Helena. "Things will be just fine."

"Let us hope," said William. "And for all the years, I still feel my father's displeasure."

Helena and William left the apartment to go to the Starbuck's down the street. Helena felt good deep down. She was helping out a stranded friend. William didn't feel so good because he could still feel Sir Robert's displeasure and their last conversation. But he gradually relaxed and entered Starbuck's to meet his feminine tribunal. How wrong could this go? thought William. How different can American women possibly be? He followed Helena into Starbuck's for his first tilt at modern dating.

Record Last Changed Date: 11/28/2009

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