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Prelude 5 - Stories

Prelude 5

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 5.

Story - 11th Century Guy, 21st Century Dating

Game Date: 3/10/2004

Who: William Rouen

I can't believe I'm eating in an Italian restaurant. I can't believe Italy's a unified country. I can't believe I just bought this much food. I can't believe people take this much food for granted. I can't believe I'm not doing this without, how do they say it now? Parental supervision. These Americans talk about parenting like it's a job and not a holy obligation. At least these clothes are comfortable. Don't look at the waitress. I say, for the wonders of electricity, this tavern is quite dark. I think they think it's romantic. Romance certainly has changed. Ha! I shall show them how a true Norman courts a woman! Wait, maybe not. I have to think. This could turn out to be as difficult as most battles.

What did she say? What has she been saying?

Did she just drink that whole glass of Calvados?

No, it was a glass of champagne, dunce. And she was just finishing it. Aha, you're feeling protective already. This could be a good sign. This could be a bad sign.

She wants you to meet her parents. She still has both her parents. Whatever you do, don't flub the Louisiana accident story. She may not ever be ready for what really happened to you. Good Lord! You're not ready to accept what happened to you.

I really do think she has pretty hair. Think of her hair as fair Norman hair and not Saxon hair. That's the man. You feel better already. Just keep saying the things you've been saying. She looks pleased. But is she really pleased? Remember what Eleanor told you. I miss Eleanor.

And she just noticed you missed Eleanor, too. You better give her one those relevant but irrelevant facts about Eleanor.

How embarrassing. She thinks it's cute you have a big sister. She must be an only child. Father would have adored her so. Damn you, father. You made me break the no-more-than-one-dark-shadow-on-a-first-date-rule. Damn you for not trusting me, either.

Nicely done on the answer. Dessert? Dessert?! Good thing I'm an active knight to make room for this. Better thing I'm a Norman knight. She just took two bites of hers, then gave it to me. I'm guessing the polite thing to do is to gracefully finish both. Now if only I knew you to do that with my... silverware, that's it, silverware rather than my fingers...

And now, presenting...the check! Sacre bleu! I forgot that I don't have a money pouch! I can't feel my credit card... they really should make those heavier. Okay, time to feign sticker shock and slightly splutter some confused 'Cajun.' How funny.

I avoided a disaster! Maybe dating isn't harder than fighting evil... no, not possible.

Very pleasing. She's hurt that I don't kiss on the first date, but she beams respect.

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