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Prelude 5 - Stories

Prelude 5

A look at what happened during and/or after Prelude 5.

Story - 21st Century Woman, 21st Century Outlook

Game Date: 3/10/2004

Who: William Rouen

I'm going out on a date with a cute hunk. Well, he's not really a hunk, but he's really well built... I hope he looks as good as he feels under there. Okay, we're doing Italian... not very original, but not bad, either. Then again, Bridie, you're being inconsiderate. While French or Cajun may be exotic to you, it must be really boring to him. He really seems to be taking what I'm saying quite well. Maybe I should say something outrageous to see if he's paying attention... nah, that would be disrespectful.

He seems to be a good listener... at least he's not as far away mentally as some of the dates I've been on.

He's reacting well, but he's definitely out of his element. He seems like he's looking for someone to be there... maybe he's just gone out on group dates before. He's probably missing the guys he's usually with.

Wait a minute. He doesn't hang out with any guys that you know of. And Helena never mentioned anybody... oh, God, maybe he's secretly gay! That would stink! Well, it's not bad for him... wait a minute, you don't even know for sure... don't even think about this, Bridie, it's going so well... I don't know that, we just started talking...

What have you been saying to him? And why is he looking at you like that?

He seems to have gotten over whatever it was. And he's so charming.

Why did you ask him to meet your parents? What are you thinking?

Oh my God, now you've done it. Only you could be stupid enough to insensitively bring up your own parents and make him relive the death of his whole family. And that was a shadow across his face. You ruined it.

Okay, maybe you didn't. He opened up about missing his big sister. Look like you think it's cute. Now he's telling you about how she liked pea green dresses. He still thinks about his family. You're so awful for reminding him of the bad times... and there's that shadow again.

And now he's irritated. He just told you that it was nothing because he's trying to be nice to you after you ruined his night. Better mention dessert after you've ruined the taste of his veal Marsala.

I don't feel like eating anymore... and look, you depressed him so badly he finished yours, too.

He didn't really just fumble for his credit card did he? And you probably ate too much, Bridie. He's muttering something about the check. I guess its Cajun.

The ride home was nice. Maybe you didn't ruin his night after all.

He didn't kiss you! I really wanted to kiss him! Okay, I respect him for not being like most men and being an oversexed pig, but I really wanted to kiss him. I wanted him to kiss me...

Okay, I'm going to call Kevin. She needs to hear about this.

Record Last Changed Date: 11/28/2009

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