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A Vision Comes True - Stories

Post-Session: 10

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 10.

Story - A Discussion of Subtlety

Game Date: 9/16/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Kitsune


"For such a 'super-evolved being' you are wonderfully naive. Did you honestly think that you would find the location of a drug den by simply knocking on doors? Who did you think would answer you? If you're around an illegal drug den, how many people will tell you the truth? And people will not acknowledge you as a 'super-evolved being'. I am fully aware that you have cosmic powers, whatever those may be. But to the normal population, you're something that should rightly be a product of their imaginations. Have you no subtlety?"


"Ah. I can understand your confusion, what with you being from an alternative dimension ruled by an order of mystical Louisiana swamp knights in which apples are the primary currency - Ah yes, I can tell from your reaction that my latest hypothesis is correct!"

"Err, now then, as to this 'crime fighting', you do realize we are super-powered beings, yes? While I can understand the ability to hit people with a piece of sharpened steel might have some unfortunate limitations in regards to 'catching' the criminal rather than 'accidentally beheading' the criminal, my situation is slightly different since my powers make me ideally suited to the quick and efficient mass-capturing of non-super-powered criminals."

"See, I can just sneak up to the criminal in question and, 'Whamph!', put them in a handy sphere of solidified cosmic energy that can then be conveniently rolled down to the nearest police station. Soooooo, I could just go hopping from building to building capturing the street dealers one by one and get, oh, I imagine a few hundred per day. So, excessive subtly in approach to dealing with what is clearly such a minor threat really doesn't seem necessary. It's more for, how do you say, flair or style after all. And I certainly don't see how the public will come to properly appreciate the bright and glorious future that awaits them, err, will await them once we avert that unpleasant looming apocalypse that is, if I'm constantly lurking in the shadows. They need to learn, Orange means Okay!"


"May I politely remind you that you didn't capture the last creature, you blasted it and wounded it just like the rest of us. You currently don't have enough understanding or heed the common sense Our Most Merciful Lord gave you to catch criminals of any subtlety. Louisiana is *not* from an alternate dimension, it is in the southeastern United States. Visit it sometime, you'd fit in well during Mardi Gras... then again, maybe not. I am the only knight where I'm from, and apples are tasty delights, not currency. I realize that you may no longer be familiar with currency as graduate students possess none, but you have to be more aware of your surroundings. We can't just go knocking on doors at random times of the day. You can't just ask people about information, they won't give it to you. They won't get past the fact they're being talked to by an orange monkey. When they figure out that this monkey throws energy instead of feces or coins, they'll become even more discombobulated. Orange does not mean OK, unless you're eating an orange, drinking orange juice, or you're a Florida Gator fan or an Oregon State fan, or mon dieu, it's next to Kansas, an Oklahoma State fan."

"Enough of this! You need to think before you act. There are consequences to your actions, you need to consider them. Don't just go doing the first thing you think of as it may land you in trouble. And don't just go blurting things to people you don't know. You may be giving them the exact thing they need to hurt you. You don't have the sense of an addled page, for God's sakes! I understand why you destroyed your master's life's work. If you'd thought about what you did before you did it, it might still be operational and you might be able to use it again. Ah, Uncle Jeffrey! Jeffrey! John! I had no idea people could be this recklessly impulsive!"

"Your train of thought, and lack of thoughtfulness thereof, could eventually endanger everyone. You *must* bring this under control!"


"Well, sure, I blasted the evil flaming demonic golem. That's what superheroes do. See, there is a big difference between a seemingly unstoppable supernatural threat and a normal human peddling drugs on the corner. You really don't have to waste a lot of time on petty street criminals. I mean, Hammer there can probably lift a building. You really think the folks running a minor meth lab would have the kind of hi-tech hardware needed to take him down?"

"Far as folks not yet being properly awestruck by the wonder and majesty that is Prime, I'd hardly take my rightful place as beloved guardian of the city by skulking around in the shadows? "

"And don't leap to any unfounded conclusions about the Professor's work. After all, the accelerated evolution I experienced was the effect of controlled cosmic energy. I now naturally control cosmic energy without the need for bulky machinery. Soooooo, there is no reason to believe I won't be able to eventually learn to create an evolution effect with just my paws and a bit of concentration. Think how useful that would be. I always wondered what the potato, for instance, was fated to evolve into..."


"Mon Dieu! You're worse than I imagined, and my imagination has known virtually no bounds lately! Potatoes and people are just fine where they are and how they are. You leave them alone. And if that was controlled energy at San Mateo State, Kitsune's a monstrous Rottweiler. For someone who had control, everything happened in a quite random fashion. You couldn't even properly tell the FSS how we got into their generator room. You don't have the extended focus it takes for such control, which is precisely why we're having this discussion. Cher Dieu! You are so wrapped up in your evolution theory you can't see the forest for the trees! You don't even realize that you don't inspire awe or majesty! Who do you think you are? Guillaume le Conquereur? Alexander le Magne? Julius Cesar? You are quite right to think that skulking in the shadows is not the thing to do, but commandeering the, how do you say, P. A. System and shouting out loud in the brightest of lights is not the proper course of action, either! Have you no moderation?"

"As for high tech for normal street pushers, Hammer will tell you that they did quite well for themselves with the reprehensible Goblin Gang. The golem we just vanquished is another example of what happens when you garner too much attention. Subtlety has its place. Even Roi Guillaume le Conquereur and his mighty forebear, Duc Rollo, used it when appropriate. You would do well to take heed from them. More subtlety and less rashness from you, Johan! Do us all this favor. You will become a better paranormal as a result. And don't underestimate normal people. They can foil you when it is most inconvenient for you. You should seek to understand them better."


"Julius Caesar? Hmmm. Now that is an idea..."

Prime quickly leaves the room.

Several hours later attired in a white Roman-style toga with a cheap brass crown in the shape of laurel leaves on his head and a golden-painted wooden scepter in one paw instead of his usual carved stick, he catches up with the Knight talking to Kitsune.

Sir William looks up to see Prime hopping around behind Kitsune. When Prime sees that he has the Knight attention, he speaks, "Ah yes. Caesar Prime. Now, that has a ring to it. As Rome's mighty walls kept its people safe from the barbarians, so shall I keep this city's people safe from foreign invaders and internal foes alike."

He pulls out a small hand-mirror and admires his reflection for a moment, "Ah yes. Now that is a visage to command respect from the common folk. Thank you so much for the suggestion Sir William. And rest assured, even though I am now a Caesar and you still a mere knight, I won't think any less of you."

He puts away the mirror and regards Sir William for a moment, "Now, we were discussing a test of stealth, were we not? This weekend perhaps, we can have a little game. Perhaps we could enlist Kitsune's aid and have a mock fox-hunt in the park. The first of us to touch her tail, perhaps, without being tagged by a paintball gun in her possession. Anyone hit by a paintball, would need to return to the starting position before resuming the hunt. And, of course, she would have free reign to use that marvelous illusion ability of hers to complicate the chase."

"That could be a lot of fun," says Kitsune.

"I see you completely missed the point of the discussion. I suppose you will learn the error of your ways in time, but at the very moment, I have my doubts. Pride goeth before a fall. I pray you don't take me with you when you do. As for the fox hunt, I will now take my leave."

Turning to Kitsune, the Knight continues "Fun, indeed. You but encourage his most brash rashness. You just reminded me that I miss my wolfhounds. I bid you adieu..."

The Knight of Saint Michael turns on his heel and strides away.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/5/2007

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