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A Vision Comes True - Stories

Post-Session: 10

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 10.

Story - Honing One's Senses

Game Date: 9/30/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

The Knight of St. Michael was roaming the streets of San Francisco, looking for trouble. He wasn't looking for it in the usual common sense, but looking for criminals in the act of committing crimes. He was slowly adjusting to not being the complete law in his area. Guillaume pondered on the up and downs of the modern day. Crime was not punished quickly, which served as quite the non-deterrent for the bold. On the other hand, more fairness could be meted out because all but God make errors. The more time used for investigations, the more effectively the innocent could be separated from the guilty. Separating the good apples from the bad, thought Guillaume. I can agree with that.

The Knight rapidly slid down the slippery slope to his Norman addiction. He continued his routine until he came to a convenient store. True, it was pricey, and it didn't have real apples, but Hostess Apple Pies, apple fritters, and apple juice would do. He continued on, noting the virtues and vices of the population around him. The Knight was in a seedy section of town, so the vices were more apparent. He stopped behind a hurried conversation.

"Yea, man, you know I got what you need," said a young Black man in a dark blue track suit, black Adidas shoes, and a black Kangol. "I always got what you need." He pulled out a Ziploc with dark green stuff in it. The dealer was good. Only the buyer and the Knight could see the package, and the Knight only because he could look down from behind. The young buyer, clad in long jean shorts and a brown Tupac t-shirt pulled out his money, and looked up. His eyes grew wide as he registered the Knight standing behind the dealer. The dealer noticed and turned around to face the Knight's dagger at his neck.

"Resistance would be, how do you say, bad dope," said the Knight. "Let's not have any trouble. Just come with me to the nearest local policeman. Don't run. Don't make a fuss. And definitely don't pull your gun." Keeping his dagger at the dealer's throat, the Knight said, "And you stay put too, young buyer. Since both of you are involved in a drug deal, and you are breaking the laws, you shall now face the consequences."

It was unfortunate but typical that the dealer and the buyer chose to run in different directions. The Knight knocked the dealer out, which was an unfortunate side effect of being clothes-lined with a shield as he tried to pass the Knight. The other one ducked into an alley. The Knight rapidly trussed up the unconscious dealer, radioed the police, and dashed after the buyer.

This would be good practice for a foot hunt, thought Guillaume.

It was only moderately good practice. The suspect was breathing hard, the alleys weren't that twisted, and there wasn't the usual amount of alley debris. All too soon, the suspect had to exit the alleyways into an open space, which his when he got run down by the Knight on his horse. The Knight dismounted to hear the click of cuffs. And people said there were never cops when you needed them. "Nice work, Knight," said the officer. "The dealer is already in custody."

"My pleasure," said the Knight. "I trust they will spend the night in, how do you say, the pokey?"

"This guy, yeah, the dealer, somewhat longer," said the cop. "We've been looking for him for a while."

"It was a pleasure to be of service," said the Knight. The pleasure was short lived. He didn't really know this neighborhood, which meant that he didn't know where he could get any apple products. He was mildly amazed at the appetite even a small pursuit generated. And the cop was gone with the suspect. Sacre bleu, thought Guillaume. Maybe the common saying is right.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/5/2007

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