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Post-Session: 12

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 12.

Story - There are Taxes, Then There are Taxes

Game Date: 10/25/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

Extortion was a new concept to William. Take a small merchant and charge him a fee to 'keep his shop safe' meaning 'give me money or your establishment will be trashed every day.' Highway robbery without the highway. Evil by most people's standards. Wrong by almost everyone's standards. An undue source of stress to honest merchants.

William's blood was up. He was going to reduce the stress on one less honest merchant. The old lady had run a flower shop here for forty years. The gall of the young villains who did this galled William to the point of madness. That was why he was in the shadowy back of the flower shop as the Knight of St. Michael. He was waiting to teach the young scum a lesson.

Lord, grant me the wisdom to be fair and just, thought William.

William did a double take at that. Had he ever prayed that before battle? Had he ever prayed that before dispensing justice? He just couldn't remember doing that.

He was roused from his reverie by the low voice of a threat. "You want to pay us that money, you old biddy. You can't handle the consequences."

"The only consequences she'll know is peace from harassment after I deal with you miscreants."

The surprise was completed by the Knight of St. Michael knocking the closest punk completely off his feet with a swift right cross. The other two went to grab the Knight, but the Knight sidestepped the first, threw a straight left deep into the second's midsection, then drew his sword and turned back to the first. The remaining extortionist's eyes grew wide as he realized his dilemma. Then something strange happened.

William cleaved with his broadsword, but drew no blood. He definitely remembered that this usually drew blood, followed by the swift death of the bleeder. But the extortionist just flew backward into the wall. And William started to feel...bad. Now that had never happened before. He discerned the old lady telling him that he should not have done that. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Benfield. I reverted to my instincts and, and... overreacted. I should not have drawn my sword."

Mrs. Benfield replied, "Well, you certainly took care of my problem. I'm grateful even though I didn't expect it to happen this way."

The Knight of St. Michael looked very noble when he replied, "You were right to say I used excessive force."

And he was very confused when Mrs. Benfield agreed, but stated she said no such thing.

He waited until the police came to take away the unconscious criminals. During that time, he realized that he hadn't actually seen Mrs. Benfield speak when he was told the use of his sword was an error. But who had? He made sure Mrs. Benfield was okay, then made his way to Notre Dame des Victoires. He looked up at the image of the Virgin Mary and discerned a palpable frown of displeasure. But it was palpable. It wasn't visible. What is God telling me?

Record Last Changed Date: 8/28/2007

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