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Post-Session: 12

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 12.

Story - The Cosmic Toaster

Game Date: 11/17/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Jaxton leaned back into his black leather recliner, shoving the ever-growing stack of paperwork over to the far side of his dark oak desk. So much paperwork, so little time. These days, everyone seemed to be coming to him to solve their problems. The extra years from that little episode with the temporal stabilizer must give him more of an air of authority, he finally decided, after letting the matter roll around in his thoughts for a few minutes. Not much of a consolation for having your youth burned away in a few moments time.

It always came back to time, from a desolate future to a possibly foredoomed present. A present he had sworn to protect. Of course, that annoying little orange imp seemed unwilling to believe it with his clattering on about government conspiracies and temporal diversions. A good thing his professor already had a less than sterling reputation or Prime's tales might have caused the Kronians here some real trouble.

There was a sharp knock on the door as his 'replacement', Parmon Greene, slipped into his office. Parmon cleared his throat, then slid a small crystal across the desk. "Sir, you'd better see this... you know how Prime has been blabbing on about creating a 'cosmically powered toaster'?"

Jaxton let out an exasperated snort as he reached over and picked up the crystal, rolling it for a moment between his forefinger and thumb, before slipping it into a small crevice set into the otherwise flawless surface of his desk. From the overhead lamp, a pyramid of cascading light was projected downwards, finally stabilizing into a three-dimensional image of the containment lab - where a growing monstrosity had already expanded to the size of a Volkswagen beetle. "Wait... that thing is the toaster?" Jaxton exclaimed as he viewed the twisted mass of scavenged metal, plastic and wires.

Parmon paused a moment, then finally admits, "Well... It does still make toast... Susan - ahead to scene 27A."

The image shifts and suddenly shows Prime perched atop a stool, cracking eggs and dropping their contents onto the relatively flat top of the 'toaster', then tossing down a half-pound slab of bacon beside it. He pops a couple pieces of banana bread into the openings of the original toaster - which somehow has survived the device's transformation. Prime mutters something inaudible into his comm and suddenly the entire device glows a bright cherry-red, as a wave of steam rises from its surface. Another inaudible command and the device returns to its former color, with only a perfectly cooked breakfast left behind as evidence.

Parmon adds, "You might want to see this as well. Susan, forward to scene 31C".

The image shifts again to show Prime whispering into his comm, and hundreds of needle-pointed metal spikes suddenly popping out of the toaster. Jaxton begins to say, "Now, that clearly is a weapon of some..." when Prime pulls out a jumbo bag of marshmallows and begins carefully spearing one atop each of the spikes. Followed by a quick warm up, and the little orange monkey is soon enjoying a feast of roasted campfire goodness without the mess and fuss of a wilderness adventure.

Jaxton stared at the flickering hologram for a few moments, "So... there are innocent explanations for all these little improvements then?"

Parmon opens his mouth to speak, then pauses, and finally admits, "Well, maybe. We also have recordings of him testing those improvements on a hazard suit filled with newspaper. Those spikes went right through the fabric. That heating cycle melted through the gloves. Clearly, Prime doesn't want someone sneaking away with the biggest of the crystals he recovered from the Amazon."

Jaxton eyed Parmon a moment, "Neither do we. You were the one hurled back to our time by a similar crystal powered device, after all. You should know how dangerous they could be in the wrong hands."

Parmon quirks one eyebrow upward, "Prime has the right hands for such a dangerous resource?"

Jaxton frowns as he stares at the flickering hologram of Prime continuing his odd antics. "Perhaps not, but I suspect trying to pull it free from his paws might be far more dangerous than you expect. Far more dangerous..."

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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