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Post-Session: 12

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 12.

Story - Prison Break!

Game Date: 12/14/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

As Prime tinkered with the ever-growing mass of scavenged metal, plastic and wire that he affectionately nicknamed his 'cosmic toaster,' he pondered the mysterious disappearance of his mentor, Professor Herbert and the looting of most of the cosmic crystals from the Amazon site by the Grand Empire. Former nobility, the Grand Empire wished to a return of rule by a hereditary elite. And, despite a complete absence of useful information, Prime used his super-evolved intellect to figure out the diabolical plan.

As Prime spliced together a couple seemingly random chosen strands of wires, he pondered his amazing deduction. Obviously, the Professor and crystals must have been stolen to build a time device to send a team of Empire agents back to change the course of the First World War. After all, if either the Russian Czars or German monarch had been victorious, then the customs of aristocracy would never have been wiped away by the rise of communism and fascism. Ingenious! Now, all he had to do was build a time machine of his own powered by the single suitably-sized crystal he had recovered...

The small orange superhero finally looked up from his work and gazed in admiration at his creation. The size of a small Volkswagen beetle, it dominated the hazardous containment area used to store the few remaining radioactive cosmic crystals recovered from the Amazon site. Now to test it. He whispered a command phrase into his comm and suddenly strands of electrical energy weaved their way over the toaster's surface. Now... where did he leave that glove on a stick...

As Prime turned to look for his 'test stick,' the very tip of his long simian tail barely brushed the surface of the toaster. With a crack of thunder, Prime was hurled against the far wall. With the stench of burned fur filling his sensitive nose, his equally sensitive ears picked out the words, "Danger: Dimensional Instability Detected. Temporal Rift Imminent" coming from the toaster's automated warning system before everything faded into darkness.

And... Prime woke in darkness as well. Rather dank wet darkness. His fingertips reached out and touched smooth stone. An extremely narrow tunnel of some kind and a shallow stream of water washing around him. Quietly he focused until a shimmering glowing sphere of cosmic energy formed between his two paws. Finally he could see... and there really wasn't anything to see. Some kind of natural underground tunnel, probably carved out by the trickle of water passing underfoot. But, whoever was foolish enough to move him here failed to grasp the true extent of his power!

Letting the glow globe fade away, he formed a larger whirling sphere of energy around himself, tilted it up slightly and began walking up through the solid earth. With each step, the sphere tore away at the hard-packed earth, compacting it and leaving it as a thin line of dense pebbles behind him.

After a seeming eternity, stone and earth gave way to concrete then finally the dim glow of electric lights. A quick glance was all Prime needed to identify his surroundings. The old Alcatraz prison. Now long abandoned. Or so it should be... For as Prime stared out through the bars of the small cell he had inadvertently tunneled his way into, he saw people. People packed into all the long disused cells and walking in the long rows between them, uniformed guards.

Prime's eyes went wide as he stared at the scene and muttered to himself, "This can only mean... supervillainy! I must free those poor hostages and capture the villain responsible! The cosmic energies that could tear through stone and concrete made short work of the bars as Prime stepped out into the hall and glared down at the villainous minion who dared masquerade as an honorable prison guard. A mere moment of focus and a sphere of rapidly solidifying cosmic energy leapt from the diminutive hero's hands and ensnared the closest guard. Like a cat toying with his prey, the furry paranormal disappeared into the shadows and stalked down the remaining guards one by one, before flipping the switches to pop open the cells and free the innocent hostages.

But... the exits were still locked. The poor prisoners were still trapped in the building, Prime belatedly realized, but only for a moment as a few swift bolts of cosmic energy tore free the locked exits. Now, time for some answers, Prime thought, as he leapt over onto the shoulder of a startled prisoner and politely queried, "Excuse me. Do you know where the Wardens are at, by chance?"

The eyes of the startled prisoner went wide. Orange talking monkeys were something rather new to the poor fellow, but he managed to reply, 'Warden's over in the big office down the hallway to the right and up the stairs."

Prime nodded politely, "Thanks, bud. They should know what's going on around here." With that, Prime scampered off in the indicated direction. But, instead of his fellow superheroes, the office door opened up to reveal a rather startled elderly gentleman quietly going over a stack of forms. The man rose to his feet at the interruption and began to demand, "What's the meaning of..." when he abruptly realized the nature of the intruder. "Who... what are you?"

"Prime, Superhero and super-evolved human, as you well know, evil-doer. How dare you tarnish the good name of this prison by using it to imprison hundreds of innocent hostages! Have you no shame? Well, this travesty ends now. I've freed your hostages and it's going to be you that's behind bars from now on!"

The old man stared down at the diminutive intruder, "Hostages? They're some of the most violent felons from across the country. We even have Al Capone in Cellblock B."

Prime violently shakes his head, "You won't fool me with your mental tricks, villain. I'm going to put you on ice and take care of the rest of your minions." With that, Prime easily encapsulates the old man in another sphere and stomps out of the office, muttering to himself, "What, did the fool expect me to believe I'd somehow traveled back in time to when this place really was a federal prison? And I suppose that underground tunnel I woke up in was where the Wardens' underground base will be eventually constructed. And all those villainous lackeys really were prison guards. And... Huh... That does kind of make sense. But, there is an easy way to prove it. My super secret pizza tunnel. If it's still there, then this has to be some kind of trick!"

Prime rapidly scampered through the quickly emptying prison, past the trapped guards who were being rolled up and down the hallways by bemused prisoners, until he reached the solitary confinement cell he had picked as the tunnel's entrance. A cell that now had no sign of the cleverly concealed secret entrance.

The orange-furred hero nibbled nervously on his bottom lip as he thought. "Oooookay. I've just let loose hundreds of violent criminals and may be stuck in the past. So, the best course of action would be..." Just then an ominous click sounded behind him. Prime had just begun to turn as the hammer of the double-barreled shotgun struck down.

There way a bright flash, a wave of sound and Prime suddenly found himself slumped down against the far wall of the containment facility with the toaster still ringing forth, "Danger: Dimensional Instability Detected. Temporal Rift Imminent."

Prime shook his head, clearing out the last of the cobwebs as he muttered, "What a really weird dream. Well at least I know the new static field and fake warning alarm on the toaster works. Guess the power crystal will be safe for now. Time to start work on that time machine. Oh. Wait a sec. Didn't those Kronians come here in a time machine? I should go track down and take apart theirs first. That should make it a snap to build my own!" With that, the easily distracted superhero scampered off for some stealthy research.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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