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Post-Session: 12

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 12.

Story - If God Had Meant For Man To Fly...

Game Date: 12/28/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

He Would Have Given Him Wings

William considered everything that had happened recently. He was torn between whether the tsunami/tidal wave was an evil occurrence or God's rightful wrath against the infidels of Islam. Between patrolling and just adjusting, William had put his religious feelings in the back of his mind. But the Pope was unequivocal; aid must be rendered to the victims of the tsunami. Therefore, William must go. But it was how to get there that was bedeviling him currently.

A trans-Pacific flight?

He'd heard how the stormy Atlantic was daunting enough, not that it kept his forebears from sailing. But flying an ocean twice that size? In a...a...747? He contemplated the idea of climbing into a tube with wings and portholes and flying for more than half of a full day and setting foot on the other side of the world. In his youth, this part of the world had been fanciful rumor, told by the very occasional infidel trader. People now considered it a far-off but very possible vacation spot. Indeed, many travelers had been caught in the tsunami.

A vacation spot? An infidel stronghold is a vacation spot?

William was struggling. He was trying to overcome his youthful hatred of all things non-Christian. He was still trying to grasp the concept of a vacation. He was driftwood drifting on a calm Pacific trying to comprehend the Pacific. And, for the moment, the idea of Indonesia was quite beyond him. Let's be honest:

The concept of San Francisco was still out of his grasp. The concept of California was out of his ken and he still had to mentally acknowledge everything between Louisiana and California.

But enough of that for now. He had to board the flight, what a term!, to Indonesia. He was boarding the flight with the luggage he'd packed himself. Bridie and Helena were quite impressed. He wasn't so comfortable with his armor being in the baggage compartment below along with his weapons. To compensate, he'd packed his carry-on bag with a three-in-one chess, checkers and backgammon set, a bag of apples, and a case of apple juice. He'd rather have had calvados, but Bridie explained how liquor on a flight was a bad idea.

What was this?

William pulled a Game Boy out of his bag. It must have been Bridie. Sure enough, there was Enjoy! in her handwriting on a sticky note. How they made those without a prodigious amount of tar amused William slightly. William turned on the Game Boy and turned his mind to the intricacies of Tetris before taking in the in-flight movie. Steve Martin would have made a good jester. William could feel his family laughing along with him. Everyone, that is, except his father. Sir Robert didn't like jesters. Of course, Sir Robert was notorious for not liking much.

The descent was quite instructive. William had never seen such devastation, and he had participated in his proper share as a Norman in Crossing March. It was the ships that really got to him. That's when he realized how far the ocean had come. He had difficulty believing anyone had survived. But the vast, sprawling tent cities showed him there were many survivors. William tried to imagine an army of Normans the size of just one of these tent splotches on the ruined Indonesian landscape. But enough of martial dreams. Time now to think of how to help these many thousands of lost souls.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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