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Post-Session: 12

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 12.

Story - Dinner and a Lover?

Game Date: 1/3/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II)

Jordan and Karalyn are waiting for a table at Fleur de Lys when she sees Reagan with a woman on his arm entering the restaurant. At first she is surprised and then remembers that the Farnwell Legal Conference, an event Reagan always attended, started the next day.

The woman with Reagan saw Karalyn and headed in her directions with Reagan in tow.

"Karalyn, is that you?" the woman asked.

"Yes, I am Karalyn Nicholas." Now that the woman was closer, she seemed familiar to Karalyn.

"It's me, Cassie. Cassie Owens, from Bar's Constitutional Law class at USC."

"Oh yes, now I remember. It is good to see you."

"It is good to see you, too. I had heard that you worked for the Alcatraz Foundation but had not expected to run in to you while I was here for Farnwell's. Of course, you know Reagan."

"Karalyn," said Reagan in his deep voice that had once turned Karalyn insides to jelly.

"Hello, Reagan." replied Karalyn.

"Well are you going to introduce me to your friends?" asked Jordan.

"Sure, Jordan Anixter, this is Reagan Baker and Cassie Owens."

"Nice to meet you both." said Jordan with a smile in his voice and a look of appraisal in he eye as he shook Reagan's hand.

The Maitre' D stepped up as Jordan was greeting Reagan. "Miss Nicholas, your table is ready."

"Well, we have got to go, goodbye," said Karalyn as she turned and left. Jordan said goodbye to Reagan and Cassie and followed after Karalyn and the hostess who was escorting them to their table.

After they were seated Jordan looked at Karalyn and asked, "Are you okay? The way you rushed off..."

"Yeah, sorry. I am fine, just took me off guard."

"So that's him."

"Yes, that was Reagan, my-ex."

"Karalyn, do not worry. Everything will be fine, I am here for you."


"Do you realize that I love you?"

"Love?" Karalyn whispered.

"Yes, love!" exclaimed Jordan.

Jordan reached over and took Karalyn's hand, pulled it to his mouth and kissed it. They ordered their meal and continued to discuss the matter of love while they dined. Afterwards, they walked towards Market Street talking the whole time about what this evening had meant. When Karalyn looked up they were standing in front of an apartment building.

"Well, this is my stop." said Jordan.

Karalyn smiled, it was right around the corner from where she lived, and completed her statement. "You know that I have strong feelings for you, but I am still working towards love."

"I understand and that is fine, no not fine, great!" Jordan said as he leaned towards Karalyn and gave her a passionate kiss. He took her by the hand and took a step towards the front door of the building.


"Would you like to come in?"

Karalyn smiled and said, "Sure."

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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