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Post-Session: 13

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 13.

Story - A Day in the Country

Game Date: 1/13/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William was driving. He was meandering around the rural areas east of San Francisco Bay. He was alone, and he needed the time. It was just after his return from Indonesia, and he was really beginning to appreciate the toll all that human suffering was taking on him. But the situation was secure, normalcy was being restored, and William's return to northern California was the just and right thing to do.

William was proud of what he had helped accomplish. But now he needed space.

Bridie was upset that he'd taken this trip without her. But he would deal with that later. He felt that Eleanor would help him out at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, he drove past cows and fields. He drove past stands of woods and over and around hills. He resolved to do this more often. The countryside can be a source of replenishment and restoration. William drank it all in. He occasionally flashed back to Crossing March and the surrounding environs of Greatoak. He had to remind himself to keep his eyes on the road. A Buick was a great step up from a wagon, which William didn't have much experience with, either. But he gradually adapted.

Marvel at my works, said the voice. Revel in my glory, said the voice. Let this guide you in your defense of this area, your new home.

Lord?, thought William. He pulled the car over. What do you require of me, your sinful but willing servant?

Listen, said the voice. I protect you always. I nurture and guide you. I will reveal all in good time. Patience, my son.

William bent his head and began to pray. Our Fathers, Glory Bes, and Hail Marys had never felt like this before. He really began to feel closer to The Ultimate Power.

Only the toddler in the passing minivan saw the glow surrounding William. And he, being satisfied with the applesauce he'd consumed a mere hour before, said nothing, only returned his gaze and his smiles to his happy family.

William finished his prayers and drove back onto the road to return to San Francisco. He was beginning to glow inside with the knowledge that he wasn't confined to seeking God in the magnificent confines of Notre Dame des Victoires. He drove back into San Francisco and the car rental place without incident, more proof of what faith combined with a benevolent guiding hand can accomplish. He went to Notre Dame des Victoires to give thanks for his day.

Somehow, he drifted into asking for patience and tolerance for Johan.

He stopped at the realization, then continued. He realized he would need all the help he could get in that department. Johan would be his particular cross to bear. Lord deliver me from my impatience and wrath, he prayed. Lord give me strength. Lord teach me mercy.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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