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Hyde and Seek - Stories

Post-Session: 14

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 14.

Story - Orientation

Game Date: 1/31/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Delta-Vee

Randy jumped off the cable car and dashed across the street heading toward the Ramon Marcel Community Center. Glancing at his watch he sees that he has about 5 minutes to make his appointment with Director Cho. He hated cutting things this close, but he didn't want to grand stand by flying in, and he missed a connection.

He got directions to Dr. Cho's office from the girl working the front desk.

"Hello, Dr. Cho, it is a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for seeing me."

Dr. Cho was a distinguished man of Chinese decent in his late forties. "Don't think anything of it Randall. We are always pleased to get some extra help around here." He gestures for Randy to sit down as he visibly sizes the young man up. "I've looked at your résumé and Dr. Martin speaks very highly of you."

Randy blushes at the last part. "Dr. Martin has been a good friend, and I'm flattered that he is willing to risk his reputation by recommending me to you. Did he mention my situation?"

"Yes, he did, and you have nothing to worry about. We will be treating you like we would any other person in an emergency services job that volunteers with us. We will accommodate your schedule with the Wardens and school, including any emergency situations that come up."

Randy shifts uncomfortably, "Uh, I'm planning on applying to an RG group, but I'm not sure if it is going to be the Wardens. With my speed I can easily commute to a number of other cities. I'm thinking that I might be a better fit with a group in one of them."

Dr. Cho raises an eyebrow, "Really? I would think that it would be easier and more convenient for you to operate with a group that you did not have to commute to. Also, if you are serious about becoming an educator, I suggest that now is the time to start learning how to work with people that you are not a good 'fit' with, or do you expect that you are going to have the luxury of working at a school where you can pick not only all of the faculty that you work with but the students too?"

"I'll think about it."

"Okay, well, if you will come with me I'll give you a tour and introduce you around."

"As I'm sure you can tell the Ramon Marcel Community Center used to be a school. It was built in the 1940s. When it was 'retired' from that service in the 1980s, the local community decided to keep it in use rather than let it become an eye sore. It took them a couple of years, but they got the Center up and running. Still, it's former life as a high school has proven useful. It had a swimming pool and a gymnasium. Both were easily restored and have been kept up." Dr. Cho's pride in his building is obvious.

The center does have something of the feel of a school to it, but less so with all the lockers gone, and the classrooms done up for various ages and purposes beyond what would have been seen in a high school. It is in excellent shape and upkeep. It is hard to imagine that this building has been in nearly continuous for around sixty years.

Randy's curiosity is peeked. "It is impressive how well the building is kept up. It must be expensive to keep this place running. How do you do it?"

"Well, not as expensive as you might think. Most of the work is done by volunteers like yourself or as part of community service sentences. Most of the actual funding comes from a variety of sources: government grants, corporate sponsorships, private donations, funding raising events... pretty much the usual drill. Ah, here we are."

They've reached a room just outside the gym with the word 'coach' stenciled on the frosted window. Dr. Cho politely raps on the door and when he hears a response leads Randy into a small but tidy office.

"Amanda, this is Randy McLeod, the new volunteer we discussed earlier. Randy this is Amanda Martinez, head of our athletic programs. Effectively, she will be your 'boss,' and you will coordinate your schedule with her." After Randy and Amanda exchange greetings and handshakes, Dr. Cho excuses himself and leaves them to get acquainted.

About an hour later, Dr. Cho enters Amanda Martinez's office.

"What do you think? he queries as she looks up from her PDA."

Amanda smiles. "Keeping an eye on him is going to be a pleasure. I wouldn't mind getting him in bed and finding out just how flexible he is."

"That is not the task you've been assigned, Mandy, and you know better than to disobey the Doctor. You are to make sure that he does not get distracted from the task that the Doctor wants him to perform. Do you think you will have any trouble getting into his confidence?"

"No, we won't have any problems there. We bonded some and are having coffee tomorrow to discuss his participation here in more detail. According to a friend of mine in the sports department at UCBerk, Randy's scholarship has been revoked and he's been asked to stay away from the gymnastics team until all the controversy over his announcement has died down. I'm guessing that most of his friends in the area were his teammates, so he will probably be in need of some new friends. Besides, I was a tomboy growing up, a lot of kids at my high school thought I was a lesbian. I learned the fine art of hagging at an early age." She pauses, then looks at Dr. Cho. "Don't worry, I'll charm him," states Amanda coldly.

"Good," said Dr. Cho as he turned for the door.

After the door had closed behind him, Amanda's attention returned to her PDA. A new message had arrived. The smile returned to her face as she read it.

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