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Hyde and Seek - Stories

Post-Session: 14

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 14.

Story - A Day in the Keep Courtyard

Game Date: 2/4/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William has a dream about a day back home.


Guillaume was tired and sweating. This was one step ahead of his brother Geoffroi, who was tired and sweating and bruised. It was a fight between brothers, where each had great will not to lose. Little Jean watched in the background, soaking in everything he saw, as much as anyone can when they're being randomly beaten about the head by their angry father. As for Sir Robert, he was in the interesting position of training his sons where they had to be better fighters at the end of the day, but he pitted them against each other, and he wanted both to lose badly. He was angry as he wasn't getting his wish.

"Put some back into it, boy!" he roared at Guillaume. "You swing like a damned woman! Geoffroi! Are you going to be battered about all day? Use what I trained you! Do you think you can carry the family name into battle?" This caused both boys to go after each other with renewed fury. Metal clashed as sword met sword and deflected off armor. Thunks and thwacks resounded as sword met shield. Thumps echoed as bodies were thrown to the ground. Scuffling was heard as those angry bodies arose, ready to pummel the enemy into oblivion.

Margaret was deep in the keep trying to avoid the noise. She couldn't. She just stoically endured the sounds of her two older sons beating themselves into oblivion. Eleanor wasn't as strong. She clapped her hands over her ears to avoid the racket. She didn't succeed, either. Tears rolled down her face and she hated life for its meanness and brutality, but most of all because it forced two of her brothers to attempt to kill each other.

The Baron of Crossing March finally rode up and put a halt to the combat after watching a few moments. "Ho! Halt! Halt, I say!," he roared. The two boys separated, panting and huffing. "Well fought, boys! Well fought!" Baron Geoffroi dismounted and strode to place his hands on Guillaume and Geoffroi. "I have no doubt, with such virile and valorous nephews, that I shall pacify this Barony!" He turned to Guillaume. "You display much potential. Keep at it! One day, you will ride at my side!" He turned to Geoffroi. "You got the worst of it this day. But you too learn a valuable lesson. Life will not always favor you. Respond bravely and valiantly to adversity, and know that you will succeed more often than you fail. Besides, you'll only be fighting your brother on the training ground."

The Baron strode over to his vassal knight and brother-in-law. "You train your sons as you must, but your hatred shows. You need these boys to survive and follow you. They will not if you continue to have them fight so." Sir Robert only replied, "Yes, my liege." The fury of both sons surviving the combat was plain on his face. Baron Geoffroi saw this and just shook his head. He realized that Robert would probably never master his hatred of men. Such a pity it was. Sir Robert could have been a great source of support and encouragement. "Come out dear sister and niece!," shouted the baron. "Come see how well your sons have weathered their fight!" Margaret and Eleanor came out and gave the baron a reserved kiss. Both fought off the urge to run to Guillaume and Geoffroi to smother them with feminine tenderness. Guillaume and Geoffroi easily suppressed the urge to run to possible embraces. Their pride would not allow it. Their uncle would not approve. Their father would be further enraged. Their little brother would be disappointed.

And after the fight that only two brothers can have, they didn't have enough energy left to get to their relatives. It was all they could do to stand and not tremble with pain, agony, and injury.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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