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Hydes, Hydes, Everywhere - Stories

Post-Session: 16

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 16.

Story - Musings on Protection

Game Date: 2/20/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William was in his apartment with a rack of baby back ribs and a glass of calvados. He had wondered why baby back ribs were so pricey. Of course, he was used to eating the entire cow, or pig, or whatever was slaughtered in Crossing March. It was one of the adjustments heíd had to make while in 21st century San Francisco. People here could afford to be picky about what parts they would or wouldnít eat, and there were enough animals to feed the habit. William made a resolution to go running. He didnít want the virtual banishment of famine to affect his waistline like it had so many Americans. He felt Jeffrey and John in the room. Get your own, he thought. Here, thereís plenty to go around. He felt that a fart was aimed in his direction. Of course, he smelled nothing, but that was typical of Johnís gifts when parting in displeasure.

And this guy became Baron of Crossing March.

William turned his thoughts to the proposed trip to Chile. It was typical of Johan to go rushing off to do anything at all, with no thought to his sworn duty. William wondered if Johan swore to anything but his appetites. Eleanor reminded him that Johan did seem to be devoted to finding Professor Herbert, that Professor Herbert was in South America, and that Johan could simply be exercising his proper duty to find, and possibly rescue his master.

Quite right, dear sister, thought William. Maybe he is doing his rightful duty, but he also has a duty to the citizens of San Francisco, who may be threatened by the Grand Empire. We cannot leave them defenseless. Watch your finger.

William felt the relief of a woman who just missed her finger with a sharp needle.

William began to think about how to ferret out the Grand Empire. Maybe they were great. They kept getting beaten and driven out of San Francisco. Yet they kept coming back. Such resilience! William had to acknowledge a growing respect for the Grand Empire. We wondered how far people would go if they developed such a tenacious attitude. William got in touch with his own resilient and tenacious attitude. These wolves would not harm his sheep. He began to think of his hounds in Crossing March. Strange, how such an animal can foster such affection that centuries could not dim.

But was it really centuries? William had been dropped in San Francisco in a mere moment.

William thought of his hounds, and thought of a hunt. It was to be a fox hunt where the fox was the Grand Empire and wore battlesuits and fired back. You wanted more of a challenge, said Eleanor. William was gratified to feel Motherís hardened glare upon Eleanor. But Mother, he did, whined Eleanor. Stop wishing ill upon your brother, said Margaret. Get them, chimed Jeffrey and John. We will help you. It will be quite the grand hunt for servants of a Grand Empire!

Father just frowned. Uncle Jeffrey said to take care.

William began to don his armor. His brothers cheered. Thatís my brother, said Eleanor.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/28/2007

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