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Hydes, Hydes, Everywhere - Stories

Post-Session: 16

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 16.

Story - Mr. Prime, Please Pick Up the Interdimensional Cell Phone

Game Date: 3/10/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Stained rough wood stood tall to his sides as he lurked in the momentary shadow of the rickety structures. Soon the sun would edge over the edge of the asphalt roofs and pierce the darkness with its radiance. But, before that could happen, Prime would be long gone.

The small figure focused on a flickering ember of light dancing an inch above his left hand. His metallic orange fur stood on end as cosmic energies coalesced and formed into a radiant orb of azure energies. With a feral grin, Prime scampered out of the alley. The crowd parted before him as murmured gasps of astonishment and fear ran through the human onlookers.

But Prime had no time to waste of his less-evolved cousins. He was here on a mission. As he hurried through the narrow twisting paths between the towering stacks of second-hand merchandise, his eyes frantically scanned for the tell-tale swirling purple haze.

As all hope seemed lost, his flickering eyes spotted a tendril of purple fog wafting out of a cheap cardboard box crudely marked with thick black marker, "Zel Fons. 5 dolarz." A roughly-shaven teenager in a dirty t-shirt and even dirtier jeans sat on a wobbly lawn chair next to the box, a nearly empty liquor bottle with its label peeled off, resting on his bulging belly.

Prime ignored the human as he homed in on the cosmic signature. Yes. There it was. From what appeared to be a rather old-fashioned cell phone. Prime tried to pry the phone open, but the cover resisted his best efforts. Still, it was now clear the haze surrounded the phone. The same haze that surrounded the Kronians. He wasn't sure exactly what the haze signified. Temporal displacement. Lingering dimensional energies. A subtle wrongness that marked the host as being foreign to this universe. But, a bit of technology from the distant future or an unknown dimension was just what he needed for his latest project!

Prime let the cosmic glow globe safely disperse. With the phone no longer bathed by the unique energies, the haze faded once more into invisibility. Before the startled human could object, Prime slapped down a Lincoln, shoved the artifact into his child-size backpack, and scampered away. A few leaps, a quick scamper, a moderately long drive in a taxi, and a quick trip in a ferry, and Prime was back home at the Warden's base.

He scurried down to his room and proudly placed the artifact in its proper place before pulling out his notebook and carefully logging its addition. He nibbled on the eraser as he looked over the entries and muttered to himself, 'Lets see, there was that scrap metal I recovered from O'Leary's salvage. That odd obsidian statue with the hairline crack I picked up as Wong's Antiquities. The microwave I bought from William's Second-Hand Appliances. The partly completed fusion-reactor I picked up at the Smith's estate sale. Oh, and the green glass orb I picked up at Glass and Things.'

Prime surveyed his collection of inter-dimensional temporal artifacts intensely, as he muttered, "Now, how am I going to incorporate all this stuff into the robot's design... Particularly when I'm not sure if any of it does anything... Ah well, guess I'll just experiment! But first - its banana milkshake time!"

As the door slid shut behind the departing superhero, six thin wires extended themselves from the sides of the cell phone. The wires bent half-way down their length at a ninety-degree angle and began moving forward and back, propelling the phone forward with the rough gate of a cockroach. After the phone crawled to the tiny air vent, its stubby antenna warped and twisted, its end matching itself to the vent's screws. With a barely audible hum, the antenna began rotating as it came into contact with each screw. A pair of the wire legs reached out, slipping underneath the edge of the vent's grate and pulling it free just enough for the phone to slip inside.

As the phone quietly crawled through the air shafts of the Warden's base, its sensitive sensors cataloged the available resources. Finally, after years of maintaining its many disguises as harmless consumer electronics devices, it had finally found what it needed to build the gateway. Soon, its task as an inter-dimensional scout would be complete and this resource-rich world would be made available to its creat..."

Abruptly, the probe's artificial intelligence's chain of thought ended as a large wooden mallet came striking down on top of the small robot with amazing quickness. Afterwards, Prime reached down and began picking up salvageable bits as he chuckled, "I knew it was a super-advance cell phone from the future! This stuff will be great for my next robot! A shame some of it got broken, but hey, better safe than sorry!"

With that, Prime scampered back to his lab, a handful of scavenged cell-phone bits shoved in the pockets of his lab coat.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/28/2007

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