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Hydes, Hydes, Everywhere - Stories

Post-Session: 16

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 16.

Story - Of Mice and Prime

Game Date: 3/13/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Deep within the secret underground chambers beneath Alcatraz island, Prime labored ceaselessly to master the strange cosmic energies from the meteor that gave him his powers to combat the Grand Empire threat. Little did he know, the fruits of his labor had already been born... In small wire cages behind a thick layer leaded glass where small white mice that been continually exposed to one of the smaller meteor fragments for the past several months.

Chit Chat over Tea and Cheese

"By Jove, Wilkinson, it looks like the primate has reversed the wires connected to the robot's reactor! Things might have taken a nasty turn for worse, what what?"

"Right you are, Freddy my boy. If it is turned on now, why, the explosion would take out half the Wardens' base! That monkey of ours may be a self-proclaimed super genius but he keeps missing the small things. Stiff upper lip regardless. We'll set things right soon as he takes his next snack break. No point in staying in these cages then. Might as well stretch out the old legs and fix that wiring."

"We'll just have to finish what he started. Robot will need to be right as plum pudding if we're going to ride it to freedom, with over a hundred mouse men, women, and children aboard. Have you gotten that holographic projector reprogrammed for the great escape yet, Freddy?"

"Finished the last line of code yesterday. Needed to do a bit a fiddling to get it so it can do more than project a fake wall to hide the tunnel between our underground warrens and these cages, but come liberation day, the ol' boy won't even notice we're gone."

"Looks like we're in for a wild ride, eh, Wilkey my boy?"

"Right you are, Freddy. Right you are."

The Great Speech

"My fellow Rodents. All of you have seen the documentary by our esteemed film director, Larry Harvard. While we have attained a peaceful prosperous enlightened society, in the world above us the primates remain trapped in barbarism. So called 'super-villains' sabotage every attempt by the humans to ascend to our level of cultural advancement. That is why the council of elders has agreed to support the "Manifest Destiny" project. We shall seize control of Prime's robot and rename it "Colony One." We shall ride it to freedom in South America where we will use its mighty weaponry to seize control of a Grand Empire base. In our hands, its resources shall become a tool to liberate the primates of this world from their self-destructive cultural values."

Record Last Changed Date: 8/28/2007

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