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Saving The Next Generation? - Stories

Post-Session: 17

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 17.

Story - Post Chile Thoughts

Game Date: 3/25/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William considered and meditated on the trip to Chile. The Grand Empire was really bold, going after children in order to turn them against their parents and their people. It was insidious, it was wrong, it was evil, and it was thoroughly long-term. It hurt Die Vierte Wacht's future, it bolstered the Grand Empire's future, and it twisted innocent paranormal children.

In short, it was typical hardcore Grand Empire.

William was beginning to appreciate why John Battle hounded them so. These were persistent wolves that needed hounding. He tightened up his resolve. They will not hurt my new home. I will not falter. I will not fail. I will dig deeper against those who would victimize children. William's face tightened into a mask of grim determination.

He thoughts turned to his teammates.

Amethyst, a woman of such grace and power. She was dutiful. She was powerful. She was thorough. She was careful.

Lazarus, a healer who could redirect his or anyone else's pain to deserving aggressors. He was stable. He was somewhat just. He was too committed to changing his form and he was too bored.

But he's been living for 5000 years! chimed Jeffrey and John. That's very boring!

Possibly quite true, thought William.

Delta Vee, someone with such speed and imagination! Such daring! Such feminine qualities! William could feel the displeasure of his family. God preaches tolerance, thought back William towards his family. It is common here in San Francisco, which I have been charged to defend.

The family wasn't budging.

Miss Majestic, so young, but the potential for so much more. She will mature in time. I will guide her.

Johan, as impulsive as ever. Maybe the injuries he suffered in the battle will curb it. Probably not, thought William. He has not the focus. I wonder how his poor master dealt with him.

Superior intellect my Norman arse, said John. He should receive a daily whipping. Oui, said Jeffrey. Why have you not done it yet?

No point, thought William. He forgets the first lash midway through the second lash.

William was pleased with the results. He began to set himself for the necessary efforts to improve himself and his team.

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