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Post-Session: 18

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 18.

Story - Coming to a Decision

Game Date: 4/19/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William was thinking about his life. He was trying to get better bearings. He was still himself. He was still in San Francisco, which was still in California. He was still in the United States, whatever that meant. The more he thought, the more he realized he didn't know what that meant. Sure, he could look at the globe in his living room, a gift from Helena, or the map of the United States on his wall. He could read salient facts about each and every state on the Internet, which he did. None of it got him any closer to understanding the meaning of it all.

You rode around Crossing March to get to know it, said Father. You have been remiss in doing it now.

You are too harsh upon your son, Sir Robert, said Uncle Geoffroi. He patrols and rides as he should.

He rode around Crossing March, said Mother. He didn't have to ride around all England.

Quite right, said Eleanor. He's doing just fine.

Riding around Crossing March can be fun. Seeing more of England, or even Wales, would be more fun, said Geoffroi.

I want to ride more, said Jean. You should ride more, Guillaume.

William thought about all that. Over the next few days, he let it soak in his head. Bridie noticed something was going on, but William wouldn't tell her what. The thought of riding more, a vacation of sorts, intrigued William. He needed a new perspective on things. He needed a new view of the world. He needed an initial view of the United States. He needed to ride more. He didn't need a vacation of sorts.

He needed a vacation.

He decided he needed to see Kansas and Louisiana. He wanted to see where Toto and Dorothy were from. He wanted to see Louisiana, where, in this world, he was from. He decided to take a vacation. Guillaume de Rouen would arrange to have his new home looked after. This was an easy task with such a redoubtable group such as the Wardens. Then again, there was Prime. Maybe security was not as close at hand as he had thought.

But he needed a vacation to sort things out. So by the Will and Grace of God, he would take a vacation to Kansas and to Louisiana and come to terms with himself and his new world. It was difficult to come to terms with leaving San Francisco to the zaniness of Prime. But it was necessary to take a vacation in order to sort some things out and be a better person for it. So Guillaume went to the Alcatraz Foundation and arranged for some time off. He wasn't specific about where he was going, or why. This was too much of a private matter to do otherwise. William was too private a person to do otherwise.

William de Rouen rented a car and began to drive to Kansas, using the road to meditate on his current life and for guidance on what his mission was. He meditation on his visions and what they meant. He focused on his life and what it all meant. He focused on his journey to Kansas.

It wasn't the usual way to take a vacation, but Guillaume de Rouen wasn't usual.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/14/2007

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