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Post-Session: 18

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 18.

Story - Crossing Isn't Carrying

Game Date: 5/11/2005
Location: Texas and Cueller's Cut, Louisiana

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William was thinking about ancient tales as he crossed from Texas to Louisiana. Specifically, he was thinking about the early Romans, who raided the Sabines to get wives. He considered how interesting it was that words changed over time. In the present day, rape means sexual assault. This comes from the name of the tale that William was thinking about, which was "The Rape of the Sabines," where the Romans kidnapped Sabine women to have wives to produce children. It is commonly assumed that the Sabine women were most unwilling. However, the title of the story had its root in the Latin rapere, which means to carry off. Thus, a word that means one thing, has another connotation grafted on to it, then comes to mean the grafted connotation. Quite fascinating.

It was amazing how all of this could come to be from crossing a bridge, in this case the bridge over the Sabine river, which is the border between Texas and Louisiana.

William took in the landscape as he drove towards Baton Rouge and the vicinity of Cuellar's Cut. Some of the old fear and aggressiveness associated with woods came back to Guillaume as he encountered the levees and swamps of Louisiana. But as he listened, he became comforted by the sounds of French, albeit corrupted. These people were comfortable in these woods and swamps. Okay, maybe some of them could have been brigands. But Guillaume did not fear brigands. Part of him welcomed the possibility of working out that aggression that had been building up inside him.

Careful, Guillaume, he warned himself. This is strictly a reconnaissance mission, not a mission of retribution. Defend yourself if attacked, but do not attack.

William noticed that his entire being was more willing to accept this restraint than it had ever been. He also noticed that this was making him happier. He was slowly adapting to his new world. Praise God, he thought, Praise God.

William finally came to Cuellar's Cut. He stopped in the middle of the town? village? hamlet? William couldn't decide. He stepped out of the car to some suspicious looks, due to the car having California plates. But William was able to quickly find what served as the gentry of Cuellar's Cut, and when he spoke to them, he let his French accent slip more than usual. The gentry listened to his request that he be from here, and that outsiders only know that and that his family was dead. William's presence positively affected the gentry, who agreed to his request. "We know the truth," they said. "But all them outsiders don't need to know. You'll always be welcome here, boy. Them outsiders are too nosy anyway." William thanked them as gracefully as he could, which was quite the grace to listen to.

William stayed for a couple more days to get to know the area. The gentry spread William's cover story, and the people went along with it. After all, if this good-looking stranger spoke Cajun French and was willing to be one of them, who were they to say no? Besides, he looked to be capable of keeping their secrets as they were going to keep his.

Guillaume was uncomfortable with the deception he'd created. But the truth was just too much for the world at large. It was still too large for Guillaume.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/14/2007

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