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Post-Session: 19

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 19.

Story - Return Thoughts

Game Date: 5/20/2005
Location: Texas and Oklahoma

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William decided to drive back to San Francisco the way he came instead of going back another way. He smiled as he could almost feel John's disappointment. He wanted a different perspective on the things he'd seen on the way to Cuellar's Cut. He wanted to increase his understanding of the United States and how large it was. So he drove back through Texas and Oklahoma on the way to Kansas. Once again, he marveled at the wide emptiness of Texas and Oklahoma. It was a cavalryman's paradise. He could see why the Comanches were called the Lords of the Southern Plains. He also thought his Norman brothers and cousins would have been more than a match for them. Or would they?

Comanches and the other Native Americans? Indians? William indulged in his private joy that Americans who had lived here their entire lives had no more idea on which one than he did. But the Indians intrigued him. They caused the Anglo settlers who came here no end of problems. Upon further thought, he really didn't think the advantage in armor really would have helped, as the Indians would probably have attacked when the Normans weren't wearing armor. And wearing armor in this heat would not have been good. William began to wonder if the Normans would have abandoned their armor. So much to ponder.

William further pondered the situation of the modern day Indians. William decided upon calling them Indians due to brevity and better recognition among the common folk. He decided to ignore the large Asian Indian population in California for the moment. Deprived of their hereditary lands, they were herded and crowded into bad parcels of land to be mostly excluded from the American Dream. True, some rose above their lot, but the mass disenfranchisement was too much to ignore. It was a large welt of injustice in a large nation that felt itself just.

Feel familiar? asked a voice inside William's head. It looks like what you did to the Welsh and the Saxons and eventually the Irish.

William stopped the car in the middle of the Oklahoma highway. He had it to himself. There seemed to be no one else around. But the irony of it all dropped on William with the weight of a Welsh mountain, nay, with the weight of a Rocky Mountain. He'd had that thought in the very state that was set aside for displaced Indians that was later taken from them in a rush of greed and avarice.

Greed. Wrath. Gluttony. What other sins were committed to create this? What sins were committed to create your patrimony?

William sat for an indeterminate time thinking about this. He just couldn't consider the enormity of it all. But he felt bad. He felt that he had to do something. But what should he do?

Depend on me for guidance. Just don't get so bedazzled you get into a wreck before you reach San Francisco.

William started to move the car again. It would take much prayer work to determine whose voice he had just heard. He began to contemplate his new situation as he made his way back toward San Francisco.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/14/2007

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