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Post-Session: 2

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 2.

Story - A Fierce Discussion on Morals

Game Date: 5/6/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

'"I can't believe you'd do that!" exclaimed Helena. "That's wrong! It's completely and totally wrong!"

"What's wrong about it?" replied William. He answered coolly, but his face was flushed and he was trembling. "They are the enemy. They should enjoy no mercy, no security, and no reprieve. They would do the same to you if they had the chance!"

Chris was ambivalent. On the one hand, he regretted showing up for what was a heated exchange. On the other hand, he realized that his diplomatic skills might be needed. He reconsidered his thought. His diplomacy would be needed. Things were in danger of being thrown, and he'd just bought Helena all new crockery and pottery. He couldn't just stand by and let it get smashed. He didn't much fancy ducking it all, either. Furthermore, he had to stop this before irreparable damage was done. "Look," he said. "It is wrong, but you have to consider the time he was living in. Do unto others as they would do unto you was ultimately wrong but it was a fact of life. You can't judge him by today's standards yet, Helena." He turned and pointed at William. "But you can't act that way now. You have to act a whole different way."

"I realize that I have to act a whole different way," said William. "But it doesn't mean I have to like it. I think that some of your punishments are too lenient. I don't really understand cruel and unusual punishment. I would think that is the entire point. I don't understand rehabilitation. I don't understand 'the great melting pot.' And I don't think it melts well, either."

"How well things melt or don't melt is dodging the subject!" screamed Helena. "I don't believe you think it's right that women accompanying a man are 'spoils' to be abused at will when the man is defeated in combat. Think of how the poor, terrified women feel, especially when they're getting thrown around and abused!"

"It was an excellent motivation not to lose," replied William. "You didn't want that happening to someone you held dear."

"And how do you think those Welsh women felt?" asked Helena.

"They're not human, nor are they people," retorted William. "You speak as if they had rational thought. For God's sake, they weren't even Christian!"

"Um, they are capable of rational thought, they do have feelings, and most of them are even Christian these days," said Chris.

William looked steamed. Helena was the perfect mix of terror, rage, and horror. Chris stood there viewing it all, amazed that he was so calm in spite of it all. See that you do my diplomatic skills honor, said Brasidas. A lot rides on this.

"Let's put this to rest with a simple question," said Chris. "William, did you ever rape anyone?"

"No," replied William.

"Was that because you were unable, because you felt it was wrong, or because you simply couldn't do it?"

William hung his head. "I couldn't do it. Part of me also felt it was wrong."

Chris turned to Helena. "See?" he said. "He's not a monster after all."

"I am still upset that he could condone raping someone," said Helena.

"I guess it's easier to condone anything when you don't regard them as human," said Chris.

"Very true," said William. "Try to see it from my side. We're setting up a patrimony on land that is ours by right. Even the Pope sanctioned it. Then these wild people decide that they will resist us in claiming what is our right!"

"They didn't acknowledge the Pope," Chris pointed out. "I know that you'll say that is all the more reason to treat them like heathens and animals, but surely you can understand how they might have felt. Besides, as I recall, your last conversation with your father was a disagreement over your perception and treatment of women."

"It was," murmured William.

"And face it," said Chris. "I don't think you have it in you to violate a woman."

He doesn't, said Brasidas.

Helena walked up to William and looked him in the eye. "Would you ever rape a woman?"

William returned her gaze. "No," he said.

"Good. Now get out and let me be alone with my beloved. We don't have much time together," said Helena.

"Agreed," said William. "I'll just go for a walk."

"You could go over to Bridie's," suggested Chris. "It's been an emotional night."

"I might do that," said William as he walked out the door.

Chris and Helena spent the next couple of hours in passionate embrace before discussing the evening discussion. Chris eventually got Helena to admit that William was nowhere near as barbaric as some of his views might suggest. He did this at the price of having to admit that William's adjustment to and liking of the modern world was uncertain at best. Chris urged Helena to be patient. Helena agreed. For his part, William wandered the streets of San Francisco thinking about the evening's discussion and his father, before deciding where to go.

Chris left with a kiss the next morning. Helena called Bridie and was somewhat disturbed to find that William had never showed up. William was roused from the steps of Notre Dame des Victoires by the parish priest, who thought that William looked too coherent to be drunk and dressed too well to be homeless.

Record Last Changed Date: 7/17/2005

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