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Post-Session: 2

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 2.

Story - Thinking About the Future

Game Date: 5/7/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William knelt at a pew in the back of Notre Dame des Victoires. He was praying for guidance on what he should do. The Wardens were in disarray. They had no field general, very little experience, and, at the moment less confidence. William had his own adjustments to make. The meeting was the first time he had really been rebuffed for a leadership position. But, he reminded himself, this is a time when all men are created equal. There is no right of birth, so therefore, there is no right of leadership. This was still very destabilizing to William, even after almost eleven months of practice. But he was praying to reinforce his resolve. I will contribute to this enterprise, he thought. I must honor my family. I must honor Chris. I must honor Helena. I must honor Bridie. He finished praying his rosary. He then sat back and considered things further. I can follow as well as lead, he thought. I had those below, but I had those above, too. He winced as he thought of the absence of his liege lord. He really missed his Uncle Geoffroi terribly. That's Uncle Geoffrey, he corrected himself. I'm in an English speaking country now. Actually, I should think Uncle Jeffrey as that's how I would spell my brother's name. He winced further as he thought of his family. All kinds of mixed emotions swirled within him as he thought of his lost family. He missed them, but he still didn't forgive them for not defending him from his misguided father. He was also bothered by the fact that he really didn't know how they felt about no longer having him around.

He got up and left the church. He knew he needed further prayer to properly discern his role within the Wardens. For now he decided that he would continue to hold forth for the leadership. He couldn't think of anyone better suited to lead. Then again, he couldn't think of anything about the other members other than Jaxton was aging unnaturally fast, Sinjin was unavailable, Cynthia was a mess, and Mark loved men and wasabi peas. Sara seemed to have a taste for foxes and nudity, but what woman isn't vain? Besides, the fox bit seemed more than a preference and William was very familiar with the concept of fox craziness. Fortaleza was a big suit. Kika seemed to stick up for him, for which he was grateful. But he balanced himself with the fact that they didn't know much about him, either. He decided he preferred it that way for the time being. You needed to carefully screen someone before you trusted them. He half smiled-half grimaced as he recognized his father's influence on him. But he put it in the past on the surface of his mind, anyway. Way in the past, he thought ruefully. He thought of the research he'd done on his old home. He was still undecided on how exactly he wanted to follow up on that. Yet another thing to keep under my hauberk, he thought.

He was deciding to just wait and see about the events of the workout chamber. He still didn't really believe that he'd done what had happened. I didn't do that, he firmly told himself. But there was the undeniable fact that something had knocked Kika from the air, and the other participants said they didn't do it. The 'logical' facts about the incident still disturbed him. He needed to pray further on the matter. He also realized that he needed to find where that horse had gotten to. It was a good horse, but he couldn't find it. He realized with half amusement and half irritation that the other Wardens didn't know what had happened either, though they annoyingly kept insisting he'd done it. Unfortunately, their words rang with truth. They had no reason to lie to him, they were obviously honorable even if some of them couldn't keep their clothes on, and there really was no explanation. William frowned. He really was going to have to get to the bottom of this. But first he needed some secular comfort. He smiled as he purposefully strode towards Bridie's apartment, totally forgetting that he'd budgeted for bus fare and he was walking along a bus line.

Record Last Changed Date: 7/17/2005

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