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Post-Session: 20

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 20.

Story - Deeper Into the Pool

Game Date: 5/30/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William knelt in Notre Dame des Victoires, contemplating all he had seen and heard. It was partly his duty and partly his way of assimilating how big his new world was. Such a nation, he thought. And I've only seen a very little bit of half of it. He began to understand why Americans felt blessed about where they were. A little bit of America the Beautiful began to play in his head before the Norman Catholic shushed it and began to sing the proper Gregorian chants. He was back in touch with his family upon his return, and they too were awed at what William had seen. Even Sir Robert failed to display his usual scowl.

William began to contemplate justice. He began to think that the Welsh and the Indians had seen too little justice. He began to contemplate the role Normans had played in the molding of this unjust pattern. He began to think it was all unjust. He felt his family stirring uncomfortably. Uncle Jeffrey and Father were shifting uncomfortably because they did not believe what they did was wrong. Mother and Eleanor shifted because they'd always had the uncomfortable feeling that all of it was wrong. Jeffrey and John didn't know what to think. Their child halves identified with the displaced children on the other side. Their budding Norman halves wanted to agree with their parents. William's thoughts and discoveries were causing quite the disruption in his soul and mind.

William silenced his thoughts and his family. I need to think, to meditate and to pray, thought William. I need focus now. I need to find my place in this world. I need to find the new William. To his surprise, William's thoughts quieted and his family followed suit. William found the stillness in his soul, knelt down, and prayed there. He felt his family do the same. It was as if they were back in Greatoak Chapel. He waited for the Word of God to set him free and on his way.

The old ladies who had come to see the priest marveled at the almost visible glow around the well dressed young man near the front of the church. The priest saw it when he came out to see who might need ministering. They stood in religious awe for several moments. Then they all went to a separate place to pray, seeking the same wisdom that the glowing young man was getting. But they would tell no one afterward. They would keep the quiet grace to themselves.

William came to the conclusion that he was to be a protector of San Francisco and it's citizens. He was to try his uttermost to see that Justice was done to all. He would try to sublimate his murderous rages, and any other rages, for that matter. He would try to lead by word and deed. He would be patient, as incredible as it may sound, with Prime. He began to feel it all come together.

And just that quick, it was all gone. Patience, said the voice. You've had enough for now.

William looked around the church and saw the two old ladies and the priest, being none the wiser that they had all seen him in heavenly glow.

He got up and left Notre Dame des Victoires. He turned to go to Bridie's. He had to see if they were still on speaking terms. He was sure that they were, but one never knows, and he still had to talk to her and go further into their relationship with her.

Margaret and Eleanor blessed William as he went.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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