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Post-Session: 20

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 20.

Story - Cosmic Designs: Inspiration

Game Date: 6/3/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime paced the floor of his laboratory. Just when everything seemed to be falling into place... disaster struck. This mysterious doppelganger making pronouncements to the press... A Grand Empire clone, no doubt. Unless... he had traveled through time and possibly dimensions when Professor Herbert’s device had malfunctioned and had never figured out precisely how the machine worked that led the Wardens back to San Francisco. What if he had ended up in the wrong dimension? How could he ever find out for sure... The power of his cosmic aura would make any fine analysis of latent dimension-based energy readings impossible. He’d have to somehow compare the whole of human knowledge of this dimension to his own highly accurate but not photographic memory. The time and resources required would be nearly unimaginable.

He paused his relentless pacing in front of the long low table containing the dismembered remains of his D-ray robot and a half-dozen bio-ceramic shards. His shoulders bowed as he thought over his recent humiliation. His robot had been easily torn to shred by its rivals. Those constructs had been nothing more than a stable energy matrix contained within bio-ceramic shells, but they ripped apart his lovingly hand-crafted robot like a child’s toy.

He grimaced at the memory. Next time would be different. No more second hand parts. Somehow he’d get his hands on some heavy-duty military hardware. He was Prime, Master of Cosmic Energy! Not just some young... wait a minute. PRIME, MASTER OF COSMIC ENERGY!!! If this mysterious supervillain can create energy-based robots to do his bidding, why can’t I?

A sly grin swept over Prime’s features as he pulled out his trusty notepad and began to make sketches. First, he’d need to build a brain. Maybe he could adapt a pair of his cosmic energy-to-electricity power converters to allow the cosmic computer, as he nicknamed his yet-to-be-built invention, to interface with the Internet...

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