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Gremlins and Storms - Stories

Post-Session: 20

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 20.

Story - Sorting Visions

Game Date: 6/10/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William sat alone in his apartment, feeling quiet, centered, and very determined. He was more a part of the modern world now. He was going to fit here. He was going to make this his country, as Crossing March had once been. He was beginning to integrate himself. Now it was time to sort out what was plaguing him. Specifically, he wanted to identify who was following him. William was determined to discover them, who they were, and whether or not they needed to be vanquished or allied with.

First he turned his thoughts to the one he called the Monk. That one was dressed like, but not like a monk, thus the name. He seemed to be limited to San Francisco, following him and Bridie around. Was he an observer? Was he a stalker? Was he a pervert? Was he something worse? William centered himself into prayer. I want this one first, prayed William. This will be the first course of my security feast whereby I simplify my life. I want to find out who he works for. I want to find out where he lives. I want to find out who he keeps his company with. I want to know him.

Then he turned his thoughts to the one he called Erik. Was he Viking? Was he Saxon? Was he something different? He seemed to be sizing up William for a fight, because he was always shadowing William on patrol. William decided he didn't want to be sized up. He didn't like being sized up. And William decided that he didn't like the idea that Erik may be sizing up the citizens of San Francisco. Knights evolved to be the protectors of the common folk against raiders. San Francisco had many common folk. The Knight of Saint Michael would defend them. William's blood was up. He whetted his appetite for the coming fight. As this was the second course in his security feast, his appetite would be quite whetted when the time came. And then William had a thought.

Have a care, oh knight. The prey may not be San Francisco, but you.

He could feel Mother and Eleanor's apprehension. He could feel Uncle, Jeffrey's, and John's anger. William grew resolute.

He then turned his thoughts to the Roman. He only seemed to appear in the Amazon. Why? And why did he watch William? Why not Johan? What was his purpose? Maybe he had Professor Herbert. Maybe he knew who did. Maybe he wanted to put William with Professor Herbert. And all William could feel was dread that he would have to let Johan in on this at some point. But this was for later. In the security feast, this was dessert. And Johan, if things did not change, would be the fly in the ointment, the sand in the applesauce, the Vaseline is the mousse.

For the first time in this part of the process, William felt apprehension. It was a wonder he did not feel indigestion.

But William wasn't the first Norman knight to feel this way. And he was not the first Norman knight to get over it and focus on the task at hand. He began to go into meditative prayer so as to put his own house in order. He began to think of and meditate on the Monk. William was determined to see this through.

But would the price be too high?

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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